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Amiya Restaurant

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  • Dal Ka Shorba6.50

    a mildly spiced homemade lentil soup

  • Coriander Shorba

    a lemon flavored spicy coriander soup with sliced mushrooms with/without chicken

  • Tomato Soup6.50

    a fresh soup prepared with tomatoes, herbs and topped with cream


  • Samosa7.00

    crisp parcels of seasoned potatoes and peas with mint-tamarind chutney

  • Samosa Chaat9.00

    crisp parcels of potatoes topped with chickpeas, mint-tamarind chutney

  • Paneer Shaslik11.00

    marinated homemade cheese with tomatoes and bell peppers

  • Aloo Aur Papdi Chaat9.00

    crisp, chickpeas and diced potatoes tossed in a tamarind yogurt

  • Subzi Ki Seekh10.00

    ground vegetable kebabs flavored with whole spices

  • Methi Ki Paneer Tikki11.00

    potato patties stuffed with cheese and flavored with fenugreek

  • Bhajia9.00

    crisp light onion, eggplant, cauliflower and chili fritters

  • Vegetarian Sampler Platter13.00

    assortment of samosa, bhajia, methi paneer tikki

  • Amritsari Fish14.00

    a light battered fish fry in Indian spices, ginger garlic paste and gram flour

  • Kali Mirch Ka Tikka13.00

    chicken marinated with whole black peppercorn

  • Kurkura Msaledar Murg12.00

    spicy citrus flavored chicken wings

  • Mango Shrimp15.00

    stir fried prawns with a dash of Indian spices and mango


  • Amiya Tandoori Platter26.00

    assortment of seekh kebab, prawn, tandoori chicken, fish tikka

  • Tandoori Chicken19.00

    chicken marinated Punjabi style and smoked in the tandoor

  • Chicken Ka Tikka19.00

    tandoori boneless chicken pieces marinated in amiya's signature tikka sauce

  • Tulsi Wale Malai Kebab19.00

    cream succulent pieces of chicken flavored with basil

  • Murgh Ke Seekh19.00

    ginger flavored chicken seekh kebabs

  • Gosht Ke Seekh Kebab20.00

    smoked minced lamb on skewers cooked in tandoor with coriander, ginger, garlic

  • Mirchi Jhinga Tandoori23.00

    tandoori prawns flavored with chili and Indian spices

  • Rajasthani Lamb Ke Chops28.00

    lamb chops marinated to perfection in spices from the state of Rajasthan

  • Machhi Tikka Ajwaini20.00

    fish cubes infused with carum and finished with citrus and clarified butter


  • Dubki Wale Kashmiri Dum Aloo16.00

    whole potatoes scooped and filled with cheese cooked in Kashmiri sauce

  • Bombay Aloo16.00

    baby potatoes seasoned with whole spices

  • Achari Aloo16.00

    potatoes seasoned with pickled spices

  • Dilkush Malai Kofta16.00

    cottage cheese croquets in a creamy sauce finished with mustard tadka

  • Navratan Korma16.00

    an assortment of vegetables prepared in a creamy curry

  • Amiya Paneer17.00

    homemade cheese tossed with tomatoes and onions in a masala sauce

  • Kadai Paneer Do Piaza17.00

    homemade cottage cheese with bell pepper, green chili and spring onion

  • Saag16.00

    choice of potato, paneer and chana

  • Bharta Baigan Ka16.00

    roasted and mashed aubergine cooked to perfection

  • Bagare Baigan16.00

    baby eggplants flavored in Indian herbs and spices

  • Channa Pindi Se15.00

    a traditional classic of chickpeas in masala gravy

  • Shaam Savera16.00

    homemade spinach dumplings stuffed with cheese in a makhni sauce

  • Matar Paneer Ka Salan17.00

    cheese and green peas in a delicate masala curry

  • Til Wale Aloo Gobhi16.00

    cauliflower florets and potatoes flavored with sesame seeds

  • Bhindi Bhojpuri16.00

    cut orka, stir fried with onion and tomatoes

  • Dahi Ki Bhindi16.00

    okra cooked in yogurt based gravy

  • Khoya Kaju17.00

    cardamon flavored cashew nut based gravy

  • Methi Mutter Malai17.00

    green peas seasoned in creamy sauce

  • Egg Curry16.00

    whole boiled eggs in a ginger, chili sauce

  • Chicken Tikka Masala19.00

    chicken tikka in a traditional tomato and garlic gravy

  • Vindaloo19.00

    chicken pieces in classic vindaloo sauce lamb cubes in classic vindaloo sauce

  • Desi Chicken Curry (Bone-in)19.00

    home style chicken cooked with Desi spices

  • Murgh Chettinad19.00

    chicken preparation made of yogurt, spices and black pepper - a specialty of Madras

  • Makhni Murgh19.00

    a classic "butter chicken" boneless chicken in traditional makhni gravy

  • Chicken Xaccuti19.00

    specialty from Goa using freshly roasted spices and cooked slowly with coconut

  • Kashmiri Rogan Josh20.00

    lamb cooked Kashmiri style

  • Tikka Masala19.00

    lamb in traditional tomato and garlic gravy shrimp in traditional tomato and garlic gravy

  • Achari

    goat in traditional pickled gravy 21
    lamb in traditional pickled gravy 20
    chicken in traditional pickled gravy 19

  • Mattar Keema20.00

    minced lamb cooked in traditional Indian spices

  • Hyderabadi Bhuna Goat21.00

    goat cooked with ginger, garlic, coriander and whole red chili

  • Goat Curry21.00

    goat pieces marinated in traditional spices and herbs

  • Machhi Curry20.00

    marinated boneless fish served in a authentic Indian curry

  • Jhinga Goan Curry22.00

    a classic goan shrimp dish, in a coconut based sauce

  • Jhinga Masala22.00

    shrimp marinated cooked in a traditional gravy


  • Dal Tadka14.00

    yellow lentils tempered with light spices and finished with clarified butter

  • Dal Makhni14.00

    slowly cooked black lentils garnished with cream

  • Dal Panchranti Dal14.00

    a chef special made from five lentils

  • Punjabi Kadhi14.00

    amiya's special chickpeas dumplings in yogurt sauce


  • Lasuni Gobi Manchurian10.00

    cauliflower florets tossed in a ginger garlic and onion seasoning

  • Black Pepper Chili Chicken13.00

    chicken stir fried in black pepper and chili sauce

  • Chili Paneer15.00

    pressed Indian cheese, onions and bell peppers in a hot soy chili sauce

  • Manchurian Vegetable15.00

    red onions, coriander and scallions in a medium spicy sauce

  • Hakka Chili Chicken17.00

    chicken a crushed garlic and soy chili sauce

  • Coriander Chili Shrimp23.00

    sauteed baby shrimp with bell peppers, onions and bamboo shoots in a coriander garlic sauce

  • Hakka Noodles (Veg/Egg/Chicken


  • Fried Rice (Veg/Egg/Chicken)



  • Raita5.00

    yogurt with shredded cucumber and tomatoes

  • Masala Papad6.00

    smalled roasted pappadums tossed with cubed onions and tomatoes

  • House Salad6.00

    sliced cucumber, tomato, onion, green chilies and lemon

  • Fried Masala Mirchi6.00

    hot green chilies sauteed and spiced

  • Amiya Biryani

    old Delhi style dum pukht basmati rice with indian herb
    Vegetarian or Paneer 14
    Egg 15
    Chicken 16
    Lamb 18
    Goat 19
    Shrimp 20

  • Kashmiri Pilau13.00

    basmati rice and vegetables with nuts and raisins


  • Plain or Butter3.50

  • Garlic4.50

  • Chicken Tikka or Coconut and Raisin5.50

  • Keema (Minced Lamb)5.50

  • Chili Garlic5.50

  • Roti3.50


  • Kulcha4.50

    potatoes or onion or paneer

  • Paratha4.50

    aloo (marinated potatoes) or mint or laccha (layered)

  • Bread Basket12.00

    choice of any 3 breads, plain, butter, garlic and laccha paratha


  • Ras Malai6.00

    cottage cheese patties in sweetened milk, dusted with crumbled pistachios

  • Pistachio kulfi6.00

    a traditional indian ice cream with pistachios flavor

  • Mango kulfi6.00

    a traditional indian ice cream with mango flavor

  • Gulab Jamun6.00

    deep fried roundels of cottage cheese and flour soaked in a Saffron flavored sugar syrup

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.
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