Lunch Menu - Milagros

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  • Guacamole11.50

    Smashed avocados, serrano chilies, cilantro, onion, lime

  • Burrata Mozzarella15.50

    Toasted ciabatta with fig jam, honey & wild berries

  • Mexican Street Corn10.50

    Corn on the cobb, mayo, cotija cheese and tajin

  • Ceviche de Camarones15.50

    Shrimp, spicy tomato sauce, red onion, avocado, tortilla chips

  • Tartar de Atun Rojo15.50

    Tuna tartar, avocado, chipotle ponzu, sweet corn chipotle aioli

  • Blue Point Oysters

    1/2 Dozen - 15.50 | Dozen - 26.50
    Cocktail sauce, horseradish, mignonette

  • Clams

    1/2 Dozen - 5.50 | Dozen - 8.50

  • Pulpo Asado15.50

    Grilled octopus, fava bean puree, red onions, lemon olive oil

  • Shrimp and Calamari Tempura15.50

    Vegan sweet & chili mayo, scallions, lime

  • PEl Mussels12.50

    Jalapeno, garlic, tomato broth

  • Calamares Milagros14.50

    Light fried calamari, chipotle mayo, scallions, jalapenos

  • Camarones Al Tequila15.50

    Shrimp with white wine, jalapeno peppers with toasted ciabatta

  • Queso Fundido13.50

    Four cheeses oven melted, choice of chicken, chorizo or shrimp

  • Quesadillas

    Guacamole mousse, pico de gallo, mexican cream, choice of
    chicken 13.5 / steak 14.5 / veggies 12.5 / cheese 12.5

  • Nachos Milagros12.50

    Fried tortillas, melt cheese mix, pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos, beans, mexican cream, lettuce, avocado mousse
    Add shredded chicken - 4.5 / Add beef - 5.5

  • Chicken Wings14.50

    With blue cheese & celery, choice of hot teriyaki or buffalo sauce

  • Flautas de Pollo14.50

    Fried corn tortilla, chicken tinga, queso fresco, lettuce, avocado, onion, salsa verde, mexican cream

  • Empanadas

    Choice of:
    Nortenas 11.5 or veggies 9.5

  • Beef Sliders or Pulled Short Rib Sliders13.50

    Three sliders with braised short ribs or beef pattys, sauteed onions cheddar cheese on toasted brioche with FF

  • Steak Cheeserolls12.50

    With chipotle aioli


  • Add

    Chicken 6 - Steak 10 - Shrimp 10

  • Caesar Salad9.50

    Romaine lettuce, herb croutons, parmesan cheese

  • Chopped Mediterranean Salad10.50

    Lettuce, cucumber, onions, olives, peppers with queso fresco

  • Rainbow Beet Salad10.50

    Candy pecans, goat cheese, asian pears, balsamic honey vinaigrette spring green mix

  • Milagros Salad9.50

    Jicama, green apples, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, mango, red onions, queso fresco

  • Chicken Sancocho9.50

    Pulled chicken, potato, yuca, green plantain, cilantro, vegetable broth


  • Birria Tacos15.50

    Braised short ribs, mexican cheese blend, salsa taquera, beef consomme

  • Taquitos al Pastor14.50

    Guajillo pork belly, pineapple, cilantro, onions, salsa taquera

  • Pollo Borracho14.50

    Negra modelo marinated grilled chicken, salsa taquera, onions cilantro, avocado mousse

  • Baja Fish or Shrimp Tacos15.50

    Crispy tempura white fish, guacamole, vegan mayo, pickled onions grilled pineapple and nappa cabbage coleslaw

  • Steak Tacos17.50

    Skirt steak, avocado mousse, pickled onions, cilantro, salsa verde salsa taquera

  • Barbacoa Tacos14.50

    Braised lamb shank, pickled onions, salsa verde, cilantro

  • Tuna Tacos15.50

    Tuna tartar, wonton, avocado mousse, chipotle mayo

  • Cauliflower Tacos13.50

    Avocado puree, vegan mayo, toasted sesame seeds


  • Birria Pappardelle21.50

    Fresh pasta, braised short ribs, mushrooms, touch of cream topped with fresh burrata mozzarella

  • Blackened Shrimp Alfredo18.50

    Blackened shrimp, alfredo cream sauce, fetuccini pasta

  • Penne Linguine Vegetariano15.50

    Fresh chopped mixed vegetables with garlic olive oil

  • Penne Vodka15.50

    Penne pasta with pink vodka sauce
    ADD chicken 6.5 / shrimp 8.5

  • Linguine Marinero20.50

    Shrimp, clams, mussels, light jalapeno red sauce

  • Spicy Garlic Shrimp18.50

    Shrimp, garlic, jalapeno peppers over linguine pasta

  • Filet of Sole Marinero20.50

    Clams, shrimps, mussels and light red sauce served with white rice

  • Salmon y Pipian22.50

    Grilled salmon, sauteed vegetables, pepitas cream sauce, cilantro

  • Branzino Picante22.50

    Sauteed mediterranean sea bass, artichokes, capers, jalapeno peppers, cherry tomatoes, white wine, veggie risotto

  • Molcajete Mar y Tierra28.50

    Grilled shrimp, chicken, mexican sausage, asadera cheese avocado, salsa taquera

  • Milagros Paella

    For One 34.50 | For Two 55.50
    Lobster, calamari, clams, shrimp, mussels, tomato saffron sauce & orzo

  • Camarones Maya22.50

    Grilled shrimp, sweet potato puree, pineapple relish passion fruit tequila sauce

  • Chipotle Chicken Parmesan18.50

    Breaded chicken, chipotle cream, queso fresco over pasta

  • Southwest Enchiladas

    Grilled eggplant filled with queso fresco, chipotle cream sauce, choice of protein
    veggies 15.5 / chicken 17.5 pulled pork 18.5 / short ribs

  • Enchiladas Rojas

    Stuffed corn rolled tortillas, plum tomatoes, guajillo sauce, lettuce onions, radish, avocado cream and queso fresco
    choice of chicken 19.5 or cheese 17.5

  • Fajitas

    Sauteed onions & peppers, served with rice & beans
    choice of: veggies 14.5 / chicken 19.5 / shrimp 19.5 / steak 26.5

  • NY Strip Steak 14oz29.50

    Served with FF and roasted cauliflower, au poivre sauce

  • Churrasco29.50

    Skirt steak, house salad, french fries, chimichurri

  • Borrego Al Horno24.50

    Braised lamb shank served with mushroom risotto

  • Heritage Pork Shank Carnitas21.50

    Braised pork shank, rice, au jus, pico de gallo, avocado, pickled cactus salad


  • Milagros Burrito

    Choice of veggie 145, chicken 15.5, steak 18.5
    Grilled chicken, pico de gallo, lettuce, mexican cream queso fresco, spicy chipotle sauce with rice & beans

  • Short Rib Sandwich15.50

    Braised short ribs, grilled onions, queso fresco & cheddar cheese brushed with beef consomme on toasted ciabatta bread with pickles, LT and FF

  • Milagros Double Burger15.50

    Homemade mix patty, sauteed onions, homemade sauce, cheddar cheese on brioche served with pickles, LT and FF

  • BBQ, Bacon Burger15.50

    Applewood smoked bacon, rum bbq, homemade sauce on brioche bun with pickles, LT and FF

  • Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich15.50

    Sweet coleslaw, cheddar cheese, garlic aioli on toasted brioche with pickles, LT and FF

  • Pulled Pork Sandwich15.50

    Sweet coleslaw, brushed with beef consomme on toasted ciabatta bread, with pickles, LT and FF


  • French Fries5.00

  • Coleslaw4.00

  • Yellow or White Rice4.00

  • Sweet Plantains5.00

  • Yuca Fries6.00

  • Crispy Honey Glazed Brussel Sprouts7.00

  • Roasted Cauliflower8.00

  • Truffle Fries8.00

  • Black Beans4.00

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.