Drinks - Milagros

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  • The Mayan14.00

    patron silver, chinola passionfruit, lime, french vanilla, nixta corn, mint

  • Peligrosa14.00

    volcan reposado, ardbeg, guava, vanila, lime, ginger beer float

  • Spicy Bebe14.00

    don julio blanco, blood orange juice, jalapeno agave, lime, club soda tajin rim

  • Garden Spritz Sangria14.00

    chandon garden spritz, hennessy vs, red grape, passion, apple orange, lemon

  • Hoy Como Ayer14.00

    patron anejo, mexican cinnamon, vanilla syrup, orange bitters & molz

  • The Milagros Repo Bulldo19.00

    20oz classic margarita with small coronita

  • Las Mulas13.00

    mexican mula (patron) / kentucky mula (redemption) / classic mula (ketel one)

  • Michelada10.00

    XX lager, chamoy, fresh lime, tajin rim

  • Milagros Sangria

    glass 10 / pitcher 35
    passion fruit / mango / wild fruits / classic red

  • Milagros Blanco Frozen Margaritas12.00

    mango / passion / strawberry / blueberry / classic lime

Milagros Signature

  • Hendricks Tamarind Skinny Margarita15.00

  • Widow Jane Smoked Old Fashioned16.00

  • Mezcal Negroni14.00

  • Mexico Espresso DF Martini16.00

  • Lychee Martini15.00

  • The Palomas12.00

    spicy paloma (ghost tequila)
    classic paloma (tequila ocho)
    mezcal paloma (mezcal vago)

  • Classic Margarita13.00

    milagro silver

  • Mojitos12.00

    passion / mango / guava blueberry / coconut / mint

  • Cadillac Margarita15.00

    patron silver, grand marnier

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