Sandwich & Wrap Special - The Orchid Glatt Kosher Restaurant

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$25 per person

Assorted wraps and sandwiches

Salads (choose any 2)

Cole slaw

Potato salad

Macaroni salad

Pasta Salad (penne with sun-dried tomatoes and pesto)

Toss salad, Caesar, Israeli salad $3 upcharge




Hot appetizers: (cigar, falafel, Hot dogs in blanket, fried cauliflower) $8.00

Sliders: $4

Soda $2.50

Cookies (house baked) $2.00

Personal Dessert $5

Fruit salad $4.00

Minimum of 5 people Other customized options can be given upon request.

Upgraded paper goods $2

Bon Appetite!