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Desserts - Sofia Restaurant

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Galaktoboureko $9
Citrus Custard wrapped in Phyllo & drizzled with Honey

Baklava $7
Layered Phyllo with Walnuts & Honey

Chocolate Mousse $7
Layers of Chocolate Cake moistened with a hint of Cognac

Tiramisu $7
Espresso dipped Cake filled with Mascarpone Cheese
topped with Cocoa

Almond Joy Tartufo $9
Almond Gelato covered in Dark Chocolate

Ice Cream and Sorbet Flavors Available $5

Pistachio Gelato topped with sour cherry preserves $8

Coffees by Douwe Egberts $4
Cappuccino, Espresso, Café Latte

Greek Coffee $4

Coffee Cordials $9
Irish -- Jameson and Kahlua
Italian -- Nocello & Liquor 43
Greek -- Greek Coffee with Ouzo
Belgian -- Baileys and Triple Sec
Jamaican -- Dark Rum and Coffee Liquor
French -- Grand Marnier & Chocolate Liquor

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Monday - Thursday
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3:00PM - 10:00PM

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