Lunch - Nikko Japanese Restaurant

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Served with Salad, Miso Soup, and Rice

  • Rice not included in dishes with *

  • Soup not included in Dish with**

  • Sashimi Lunch17.95

    Assortment of raw fish

  • *Sushi Lunch15.95

    Tuna, shrimp, kani, salmon, mackerel, white fish, and tuna roll

  • *Sushi & Sashimi Combo19.95

  • *Vegetable Sushi13.95

  • *Maki Combination (Any Two Rolls)12.95

    Tuna | Boston | California | Crab | Eel | Salmon | Salmon Skin | Shrimp | Avocado | Cucumber | Fresh Vegetables | Vegetable | Shiitake | Sweet Potato | Avocado Peanut Butter | Mango Vegetable | Shrimp Tempura | Smoked Salmon | Philadelphia | Yellow Tail

  • Sauteed Vegetable10.95

    with sesame seeds

  • Vegetable Tempura10.95

  • Shrimp Tempura12.95

  • Beef Negimayaki12.95

    Broiled beef rolled with scallions in teriyaki sauce

  • Teriyaki

    Choice of Meat:
    A. Chicken $11.95
    B. Beef $12.95
    C. Salmon or Shrimp $12.95
    D. Tofu or Eggplant $10.95

  • Gyoza9.95

    Pan fried shrimp or vegetables dumplings

  • Shumai9.95

    Steamed pork dumplings

  • Shogayaki

    Thin slices meat sauteed in soy-ginger sauce, mixed vegetable, sprinkled with sesame seeds
    A. Chicken or Pork - $11.95
    B. Beef - $12.95

  • Curry Dishes

    Choice of Meat:
    A. Chicken Cutlet $11.95
    B. Pork Cutlet $11.95
    C. Beef $12.95
    D. Vegetable $10.95

  • Breaded Fried Fish12.95

  • Breaded Fried Shrimp12.95

  • Tonkatsu11.95

    Breaded fried pork cutlet

  • Sukiyaki17.95

    Sliced beef and vegetables with sukiyaki sauce, cooked in a stew style

Don Buri

  • Gyu Don12.95

    Beef cooked with bean curd, onion, and mixed vegetable over rice

  • Katsu Don11.95

    Fried pork cooked with egg and mixed vegetable over rice

  • Oyako Don11.95

    Chicken cooked with egg and mixed vegetable over rice

  • Ten Don11.95

    Fried shrimp and vegetables on top of rice

  • Una Don15.95

    Broiled eel over rice, sprinkled with sesame seeds

Udon & Soba

  • **Nabe Yaki Udon18.95

    Noodle soup with clam, shrimp tempura, fish cake, chicken, vegetables and egg

  • **Udon

    Noodle with fish cake, vegetables, and choice of:
    chicken pork or vegetable ($12.95)
    beef or shrimp ($14.95)

  • **Shrimp Tempura Soba14.95

    Buckwheat noodle soup with special sauce

  • Zaru Soba11.95

    Cold buckwheat noodle with special sauce

  • Ten Zaru Soba15.95

    Cold buckwheat noodle with shrimp tempura

Bento Box Specials

  • Combination Plate17.95

    Sushi, tempura, chicken teriyaki, sprinkled with sesame seeds

  • Jumbo Plate17.95

    California roll, salmon teriyaki, shumai

  • Nikko Plate17.95

    Beef negimaki, 4 pcs sashimi, breaded fried fish

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.