Dinner - Dublin Pub

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  • "Winey" Cheese & Wine Bubbly Shrimp11.95

  • Coconut Shrimp10.95

    teriyaki mango sauce

  • Potato Skins8.95

    with cheddar cheese, bacon & sour cream

  • Zucchini Sticks7.95

    with marinara sauce

  • Buffalo Wings10.95

    (Mild or hot)
    with Bleu cheese dressing

  • Mozzarella Sticks7.95

    with marinara sauce

  • Homemade Soups of the Day

    Cup - $3.95
    Bowl - $4.95

  • Homemade Soups of the Day

    Cup - $3.95
    Bowl - $4.95

  • Navan Nacho Platter10.95

  • Dublin's Famous Chili

    Cup - $4.95
    Bowl - $6.95

  • Dublin's Famous Chili

    Cup - $4.95
    Bowl - $6.95

  • Crock of French Onion Soup6.95

  • Skillet Fried Chicken Dumplings8.95

    teriyaki mango sauce

  • Potato Pancakes7.95

    with apple sauce

  • Spinach, Artichoke Dip10.95

    with pita chips

  • Chicken Quesadilla11.95

    house guacamole

  • Chicken Fingers9.95

    with honey mustard

  • Shrimp Cocktail

    with cocktail sauce

  • Pretzel Bits7.95

    with beer cheese sauce

  • Vegetable & Bean Chili7.95

    with cheese corn bread


  • Irish Beef Stew14.75

  • Boston Baked Scrod15.95

    with choice of potato

  • Dublin Style Fish & Chips13.95

  • J.P.’s Special Sliced Steak16.95

    Topped with onion rings
    (garlic butter on request)

  • Traditional Shepherd’s Pie13.95

    with Veggies

  • Dublin Pub 20oz Ribeye Steak22.95

    with French Fries

  • Corned Beef & Cabbage14.95

    with boiled potatoes

  • Bangers & Mash12.95

    with baked beans

  • Jameson Pork Chop14.95

  • Meatloaf12.95

    with Potato and Vegetable

  • Grilled Salmon with Dill sauce18.95

  • Macaroni and Cheese9.50

Mongey's Famous 1/2 LB. Burgers

  • Bacon Cheeseburger13.50

  • Dublin Burger12.95

    Sauteed mushrooms & imported Irish cheddar

  • Black Bean Vegetable Burger11.95

    Chef made, on toasted grain roll with arugula, tomato, fresh avocado & aioli

  • Cheeseburger11.95

  • Hamburger10.95

  • Barney's Turkey Burger5.50

    On focaccia with avocado, swiss, red onion, shaved iceberg, tomato, arugula, cranberry aioli

  • California Paddy Melt12.95

    Jack and Cheddar cheese, sauteed onion & fresh avocado on toasted rye

  • Pub Burger Royale15.95

    Signature blend of short rib, chuck and brisket on toasted grain roll with arugula, sauteed onion and mushrooms, tomato, bleu cheese and a side of aioli

  • American, Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella, Bleu Cheeses & Irish Cheddar

  • with Lettuce, Tomato, French Fries & Cole Slaw

  • Fresh Garden Salad5.75

  • Wedge of Lettuce8.50

    with bacon, red onion & crumbled Bleu cheese

  • Spinach Salad10.95

    baby spinach, bacon, egg, red onion & cherry tomatoes with warm bacon dressing
    With grilled chicken - $14.95
    With grilled shrimp -$15.95

  • Cavan Cobb Salad13.95

    grilled chicken or fresh turkey, romaine, tomato, bacon, egg & crumbled bleu cheese

  • Italian Grilled Chicken Salad12.95

    mixed greens, mozzarella pepperoni with balsamic vinaigrette dressing

  • Caesar Salad8.95

    With grilled chicken - $12.95
    With grilled shrimp - $15.95

  • Grilled Steak Salad15.95

  • Jimmy's Special Reuben11.95

    (traditional corned beef or turkey or pastrami)

  • Oven Roasted Turkey Club10.95

  • Hot Corned Beef or Pastrami Sandwich10.95

  • John G's Liverwurst & Onion Sandwich8.95

  • Grilled Dublin Chicken Sandwich11.95

    with cheddar, bacon, horseradish sauce

  • Oven Roasted Hot Turkey Open Faced12.95

  • Hot Roast Beef Open Faced12.95

  • (Sandwiches served with coleslaw or french fries)

  • Valentine's Day Special Menu


    Wine of the Day
    Firesteed Pinot Noir: $9.75 - glass, $27.00 - bottle Sterling Cabernet Sauvignon: $12.00 - glass, $32.00 - bottle

    Shrimp Cocktail:$10.95

    New York Strip & Broiled Shrimp : $19.95 Broiled Lamb Chops: $19.95 Filet Mignon with Béarnaise Sauce: $21.95 Broiled Sea Scallops: $17.95



  • Add to any Salad:

    Fresh Turkey $5.00
    Grilled Chicken $5.00
    Grilled Shrimp $7.00
    Grilled Filet Tips $9.00

  • Fresh Garden or Field Greens Salad6.75

  • Wedge of Iceburg8.95

    Crisp bacon, tomato, red onion & Bleu cheese

  • Caesar Salad10.95

    Romaine, egg & crouton, house made dressing

  • Spinach Salad11.95

    Bacon, egg, red onion & tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, with warm bacon dressing

  • Tropical Waldorf Salad11.95

    Field Greens, arugula, goat cheese, mandarins, apple, toasted almonds, and sundried cranberries, raspberry vinaigrette

  • Cavan Cobb Salad10.95

    Romaine, cucumber, tomato, bacon, ripe olives, avocado, egg & crumbled bleu cheese

  • "The Big Baby" Wedge Salad12.95

    Baby wedges of iceberg with tomato, bacon, avocado, roasted brussels, red onion, farro grain mix, fresh mozzarella & toasted walnuts, sour cream chive ranch


  • Served with French Fries & Cole Slaw

  • Hot Corned Beef or Pastrami11.95

  • Jimmy's Special Reuben12.95

    Corned Beef or Pastrami

  • Dublin Grilled Chicken Breast13.95

    Cheddar cheese, bacon, horseradish sauce

  • Roasted Turkey Club12.95

  • Roasted Turkey Hot Open Faced14.95

  • Hot French Dip with Cheese & Au Jus13.95

  • Mrs. O'Hara's Chicken Mango Focaccia14.95

    Sliced chicken breast, brie cheese, mango jam, bacon & sliced apple baked on focaccia

  • Paddy's Black Russian "CBT"14.95

    Grilled Corned beef, turkey and swiss cheese, cole slaw & Russian, grilled closed on Pumpernickel


  • French Fries

    small $2.95
    large $5.50

  • Waffle Fries

    small $3.50
    large $5.95

  • Sweet Potato Fries, Ranch Dressing5.95

  • Beer Batter Onion Rings5.95


  • Irish Beef Stew16.95

    made with Guinness

  • Dublin Style Fish & Chips17.95

  • Traditional Sheperd's Pie15.95

  • J.P.'s 16 oz NY Sirloin22.95

    with onion rings and baked potato

  • Corned Beef & Cabbage17.95

    steamed potatoes and carrots

  • Irish Whiskey Pork and Shrimp17.95

    Pork filets and shrimp sauteed with artichoke hearts in a Jameson lemon sauce, served with potato pancakes & vegetable

  • Bangers & Mash with baked beans12.95

  • Baked Macaroni & Cheese9.95

  • Boston Baked Scrod17.95

    with potato and vegetable

  • Rosemary & Lemon Roasted Chicken13.95

    Free range 1/2 chicken, mashed potato & gravy

  • Atlantic Salmon19.95

    Lemon pepper crusted, rice & vegetable

  • Filet Mignon20.95

    1/2 lb filet char grilled, onion rings, sauteed mushrooms & baked potato

  • Finnegan's Loaded Waffle Fries

    Seasoned waffle fries topped with arugula, filed greens, grilled chicken, Irish cheddar bits, tomato, onion, jalapeno, roasted red pepper, mushroom and bacon, a Finnegan dallop of guacamole, and a drizzle of tomato aioli

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.