Restaurant Website Accessibility Compliant & Audited
Included with RestaurantPassion®'s Managed Plan!

We can setup your new accessibility compliant restaurant website in as little as a few days. Our software provides you with a cloud based accessibility compliant fully responsive pc/mobile ready website with an easy to use content management system to make changes to your website yourself in real time. We take accessibility compliance seriously. Your website will be fully audited to ensure compliance with WACG 2.1 Level A & AA standards for website accessibility compliance.

Works across all mobile devices

Your website will display across all mobile and desktop platforms, we'll do it for you with our managed plan. Just send us your changes and consider it done! Setup is easy! We do all the work - Just send us your content, menus, photos, hours and whatever other info you want included and we'll set it up and even manage it for you. We'll even give you a short introductory to how you can make your own changes. Our customer service team is also available to assist you with any how to questions you may have. We're here to help! has over 20 years of restaurant website software development experience you can trust.

Requires Restaurant Passion Website Hosting Services & SSL Certificate. This will provide ultra fast display of your website to your visitors.
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