Menu - Sergeantsville Inn

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Appetizer Selections

signature tomato bisque or soup du jour 9.00

arugula salad 11.00
fresh arugula with red onion, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese with a red wine vinaigrette

asian calamari 14.00
lightly tossed with carrot, zucchini, red pepper, onion, shishito pepper
and shiitake mushroom in a spicy asian sweet and sour sauce

bbq shrimp 16.00
horseradish stuffed and bacon wrapped shrimp served with
bbq vinaigrette dressed greens

caesar salad 11.00
with sundried tomatoes, toasted pignoli nuts and shaved locatelli cheese

carpaccio 15.00
grass fed filet mignon, thinly sliced, garnished with arugula, capers, red onion,
shaved locatelli and drizzled with porcini mushroom oil

duck confit 14.00
confit of leg and thigh served over mesclun greens with dried fruits and nuts
and tossed with a raspberry chipotle vinaigrette

escargot 14.00
one dozen presented scampi style topped with puff pastry

field greens salad 9.00
(dressing choices:  balsamic vinaigrette, stilton blue cheese,
tomato french or roasted garlic ranch)

filet meatball  12.00
fresh grass fed ground filet meatball over polenta
with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil

goat cheese  14.00
breaded goat cheese seared and served with mesclun greens
and a tomato preserve 

mediterranean salad 11.00
tossed with romaine, mediterranean olives, tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese
and a red wine vinaigrette

mussels or little neck clams 16.00
served with either a shallot white wine sauce or tomato garlic broth

wild mushroom risotto 14.00
an array of mushrooms tossed with vialone nano rice and locatelli cheese


bbq dry rubbed heritage berkshire prime pork chop
with sweet mashed potatoes and baby carrots 28.
pasture raised, no antibiotics or hormones

boneless braised beef short ribs
cocoa and chili braised beef short ribs
with ancho chili mashed potatoes and baby carrots 29.
grass fed, pasture raised, non GMO, no antibiotics or hormones

 filet mignon
house cured bacon wrapped filet with haricot verts in brown butter and shallots,
fingerling potatoes and a pinot noir demi-glaze  34.
grass fed, pasture raised, non GMO, no antibiotics or hormones

icelandic cod
certified sustainable icelandic cod with herb risotto, broccoli and shallot cream 27.

new york strip steak au poivre
potatoes gratin, sautéed spinach and a brandy green peppercorn cream 28.
grass fed, pasture raised, no antibiotics or hormones

pork cassoulet
french bean stew with fresh pork, bacon, duck confit and sausage  26.

salmon dijonnaise
pan seared salmon with dijonnaise cream
over brown butter fettuccini with peas 28.

shenandoah valley organic honey lavender chicken
goat cheese mashed potatoes and  sautéed spinach 28.
free range, non GMO, no antibiotics or hormones

shrimp jambalaya
smoked paprika dusted shrimp sautéed with olive oil, garlic and cilantro
over andouille sausage and crawfish jambalaya 28.

soy duckling
pan seared “Crescent Farms” breast of duck with mashed sweet potatoes,
duck leg and thigh confit and a sweet soy demi-glaze  28.

 veal chop
saffron risotto with parma prosciutto, peas and parmesano-reggiano

finished with veal demi-glaze  34.
grass fed, pasture raised, no antibiotics or hormones

venison london broil
roasted shallot mashed potatoes, sautéed spinach
and a sundried cherry demi-glaze  26.
pasture raised, non GMO, no antibiotics or hormones, free range

waygu steak
sliced american kobe hangar steak
with apple wood smoked bacon and stilton blue cheese mashed potatoes,
sautéed spinach and demi-glaze 34.
pasture raised, no antibiotics or hormones

  Vegetarian Selections

crispy tofu stir-fry
crispy tofu with mushrooms, red peppers, zucchini, broccoli, carrots,
onions and an asisan stir-fry sauce  20.

three bean chili
vegetarian style chili served over brown rice and wheat berries
topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream and green onion 18.

wild mushroom fettuccini
wild mushrooms and porcini cream over egg fettuccini
with shaved casio de roma 20.

 most menu items can now be made gluten free upon request

Plate sharing fee – 5.00

20% gratuity may be added to parties of 5 or more - please no separate checks 

due to the continuing rise in cost of food, goods and services
our menu pricing has changed
thank you for your understanding