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43 Franklin Ave.
Ridgewood, NJ, 07450
Fax: (201) 445-4631
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Sushi & Sashimi A La Carte

Sushi & Sashimi A La
Unagi (Fresh Water Eel) $4.00
Anago (Sea Eel) $4.50
Maguro (Tuna) $3.25
Chutoro (Medium Fatty Tuna) MP
Toro (Fatty Tuna) MP
Hamachi (Yellow Tail) $3.25
Hirame (Fluke) $3.50
Sake (Fresh Salmon) $3.25
Sake (Smoked Salmon) $3.75
White Tuna $3.00
Saba (Mackerel) $3.00
Ebi (Shrimp) $2.75
Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp) $4.50
Mirugai (Giant Clam) MP
Kaibeshira (Scallop) $4.50
Ika (Squid) $3.00
Tako (Octopus) $3.75
Kanikama (Crab Sticks) $2.00
Ikura (Salmon Roe) $4.50
Tobiko (Flying Fish Egg) $3.75
Masago (Smelt Egg) $3.00
Uni (Sea Urchin) MP
Tamago (Egg) $2.75

California (Crab Sticks, Avocado) $4.00
Tekka (Tuna) $5.00
Hamachi (Yellow Tail) $5.00
Sake (Fresh Salmon) $5.00
Sake (Smoked Salmon) $6.00
Unagi (Fresh Water Eel) $8.00
Special Eel (Eel, Avocado, Cucumber) $9.00
Inside Out Roll 
Alaska (Smoked Salmon, Avocado) $7.50
Inside out roll, outside smelt egg 
Philly (Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Cream Cheese) $8.00
Inside out roll, outside smelt egg 
Manhattan (Crab Sticks, Avocado) $6.50
Inside out roll, outside smelt egg 
Sake Kawa (Salmon Skin) $6.00
Inside out roll 
Ridgewood (Eel, Shrimp, Crab Sticks, etc.) $12.00
Spicy California $6.00
Inside Out Roll 
Spicy Tuna $5.50
Spicy Yellow Tail $5.50
Spicy Fresh Salmon $5.50
Dynamite Tuna $8.00
Inside out roll 
Negitoro (Chopped Fatty Tuna, Scallion) $10.00
Shrimp Tempura $6.50
Inside out roll 
Spider (Soft Shell Crab) $15.00
Inside out roll, outside smelt egg 
Vegetarian Roll
Kappa (cucumber) $3.50
Avocado $3.00
Oshinko $4.00
Pickles Radish 
Vegetable $6.00
inside out roll 
Asparagus $4.00

*We now request that all take out orders be phoned into our restaurant in advance (201-447-6525)*
Otherwise, waiting time for our take out orders placed in our restaurant will normally be 20 minutes or more. 

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Tuesday - Thursday
Dinner 4:30pm until 8:30pm

Friday & Saturday
Lunch 11:30am to 2:00pm
Dinner 4:30pm until 9:00pm

Dinner 4:00pm until 8:00pm

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