Lunch - Sakura-Bana

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Lunch Box

Sushi $10.00
4pcs Sushi
Sashimi $11.00
Assorted Sashimi (7pcs)
Mixed Tempura $9.00
Shrimp and Vegetables
Shrimp Shumai $7.00
Steamed or Fried Shrimp Dumplings
Gyoza $7.00
Steamed or Fried Pork Dumplings
Vegetables Gyoza $7.00
Steamed or Fried Vegetables Dumplings
Edamame $6.00
Young Soy Beans
Seaweed Salad $7.00

Lunch Box
(All Served with Soup, Salad, Tempura, Inside Out California Roll)

Sushi $13.00
Sashimi $15.00
Salmon Teriyaki $15.00
Beef Teriyaki $15.00
Chicken Teriyaki $14.00
Sushi 19 $19.00
with Soup & Salad
7pcs Sushi and Tuna Roll
Salad Set $10.50
(with Soup)
Choose One Roll:
- Spicy Tuna Roll Inside Out
- California Roll Inside Out
- Vegetables Roll Inside Out
- Salmon Roll Inside Out
- Shrimp Tempura Roll
And One Salad
- Avocado Salad
- Seaweed Salad
- Sashimi Salad

Sushi and Sashimi
(Served with Soup or Salad)

Sushi A $16.00
Assorted Sushi  
Sushi B $20.00
Assorted Sushi  
Sushi Special $44.00 & up
Chef's specials of the day  
Sashimi A $21.00
Assorted Fresh Sliced Raw Fish  
Sashimi B $26.00
Assorted Fresh Sliced Raw Rish  
Sushi & Sashimi Combination $29.00
Assorted sushi and sashimi  
Roll Combination $14.00
Tuna, salmon, and California rolls  
Sushi Heaven $36.00
Assorted sushi and sashimi, Manhattan roll, California and tuna hand rolls  
Chirashi Regular $23.00
Bite-sized fillets of seafood on a bed of sushi rice  
Futomaki $15.00
Large colorful roll with egg, fish egg, crab stick, and variety of vegetables  

A charge of $1.50 will be applied for any substitution. Only one substitution allowed. Substitutions are limited to the same types of fish in your platter. Sushi bar specials are excluded.

Roll Special

Special Dragon $18.00
Shrimp Tempura & Cucumber inside; Eel & Avocado outside  
Wyckoff Roll $19.00
Spicy Tuna & Avocado inside; Eel & Masago outside  
Caribbean Roll $18.00
Eel & Cucumber inside; Mango & Tuna outside  
Gator Roll $15.00
Spicy Fresh Salmon and Avocado inside; Crispy Salmon Skin outside Tobiko on top  
Glen Rock Roll $15.00
Shrimp Tempura, Fresh Salmon & Cucumber inside; Spicy Sauce and Tempura Chips on top 
Giant's Roll $17.00
Spicy Tuna inside; Fresh Salmon & Yellow Tail outside Tobiko on Top  
Garden Roll $17.00
Spicy Fresh Salmon, Cucumber inside; Tuna, Avocado outside; Tempura Chip & Spicy Sauce on Top  
Rainbow Roll $16.00
California Roll inside; Tuna, Yellow Tail, Salmon, White Fish & Shrimp outside  
Peter Roll $19.00
Spicy Scallop, Tempura Chips & cucumber inside; Yellow tail & tuna outside; Tobioko on Top  
Hot Okinawa Roll $12.00
Spicy Tuna with Avocado; Topped with Tempura Chips  
Lobster Tempura Roll $26.00
Lobster Tempura, Masago and Lettuce with Soybean Paper  
Laurie Roll $15.00
California Roll inside out, topped with grilled scallop, masago, Japanese Chill Pepper and Maybo  
Dragon Roll $16.00
Eel and Cucumber inside, Avocado outside  
Special Salmon Roll $17.00
Spicy Salmon, Avocado & Jalapeno inside, Fresh Salmon outside  
Special Soft Shell Crab Roll $15.00
Fried soft shell crab roll with crab on top and spicy sauce  
George Roll $17.00
Spicy Fresh Salmon inside; Spicy Tuna outside; Tempura chips on top  

Served with Miso Soup and Salad

Katsu Don $12.00
Pork cutlet with onion, scallions and egg over Rice  
Oyako Don $12.00
Chicken with onion, scallions and egg over rice  

Served with Salad

Hot (Noodle Soup):
Tempura Udon $12.00
Shrimp tempura  
Tempura Soba $13.00
Shrimp tempura  
Nabeyaki Udon $17.00
Chicken, vegetables, egg, and shrimp tempura  
Spicy Seafood Udon $18.00
Assorted seafood  
Zaru Udon $9.00
Noodles with Sauce
Zaru Soba $10.00
Noodles with Sauce
Ten Zaru Soba $13.00
Noodles with Shrimp Tempura  
Ten Zaru Udon $14.00
Noodles with Shrimp Tempura


Miso Soup $3.00
Clear Soup $3.00


Greens Salad $3.00
Avocado Salad $6.50
Sashimi Salad $9.00

Side Orders

Bowl of Steamed Rice $2.00
Bowl of Sushi Rice $3.00
Bowl of Brown Rice $3.00


Soft Drinks $3.00
Iced Tea $3.00
Milk $2.00
Perrier $3.50
Juices $3.50
Orange, Apple, Pineapple
Pellegrino $7.00
Decaffeinated Tea $1.50
Ramune $3.50
Bottle of Water $2.50