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Redwoods Grill & Bar

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Drink List

Redwoods Rum Punch
take a mental trip to a tropical paradise with this lively blend of mango and coconut rums, fruit juices and a Meyer's Dark Rum floater

Hendrick's Haze
Hendrick's Gin and fresh cucumber blended with St Germaine, lime, fresh mint, and a touch of agave nectar...Shaken and finished with a splash of club soda

Huckleberry Hound
put your 'paws up' for this delicious cocktail! 44 North infused huckleberry vodka, blueberry puree and lemon & lime juices are shaken to create a liquid 'treat' that will leave you 'beggin' for another

Bufala N egra
created in the 1920's, it stands the test of time! A delightful blend of sweetness from Bulliet bourbon and sugar in the raw, tanginess from a hint of balsamic vinegar & basil are perfectly rounded with the spiciness of ginger beer

Bourbon Maple Cider
it's getting cold out there…warm yourself from the inside with this inviting blend of Makers Mark bourbon, maple syrup and apple cider. It'll make you feel right at home

Mediterranean Mule
our sweet twist on a classic 'mule' begins with Figenza fig vodka, a generous squeeze of fresh lime, finished with the zing of Gosling's ginger beer and a splash of cran-apple for good measure

Cranberry Cinnamon Whiskey Sour
a seasonal twist on a traditional whiskey sour….Crown Royal whiskey shaken with cranberry-cinnamon simple syrup and our own sour mix of lemon, lime & orange juices… it's ''berry cinna'licious"

Col 'arita'
there's a lot of Margaritas out there, but we've got the one! Coleen's fusion of Espolon Blanco tequila and Cointreau, iced and shaken with fresh lime. You'll never go back to the traditional!

Mulberry Blackout
dark sweet richness of mulberry juice paired with Dos Maderas aged rum, brown sugar, lemon and a blackberry garnish will 'blackout' your senses… a true gem!

Redwoods' Barrel Aged Bourbon
Kelly infuses Four Roses Bourbon with the season's finest ingredients …our house flavor is cherry-vanilla with a hint of orange ask about our seasonal flavors…

Infused Vodka
fresh hand-selected produce and spices are the secret behind our infusion projects, try one of Lisa's special 'house infused' cocktails

Please ask for our specialty beer list

Coors Light $3.95
Guinness Stout $6.50
Stella Artois $5.95
Special Ipa (2) $6.50
Blue Moon $5.95
Yuengling $3.95
Sam Adams Seasonal $5.95

O'doul's $3.25
Kaliber $3.75

Corona $5.50
Budweiser $3.95
Heineken $5.50
Corona Light $5.50
Bud Light $3.95
Heineken Light $4.95
Miller Lite $3.95
Amstel Light $4.95

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