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Harborside Grill

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Winebar - Cocktails

Specialty Cocktails 12.

spiced pear martini

house infused pear, cloves,

sliced ginger

and cinnamon vodka


wine bar cider

house infused siembra azul reposado with

lemon and green apple,  apple cider,

and agave nectar


fall sangria

ferrari- carano “sienna”,  pears, apples,

cranberries,  brandy, cointreau and cinnamon


mocha martini

van gogh espresso, baileys,

godiva chocolate liqueur

topped with licor 43


matchstick cocktail

hendricks gin, fresh lime, agave,

apple cider,

red apples, fresh thyme and a dash of cinnamon


double shot martini

van gogh espresso vodka, kahlua

and fresh espresso


fig martini

fig infused vodka with rosemary and

lemon zest simple syrup,

and fresh lemon


wine bar bullet

thyme, orange, lemon and ginger

infused bullet bourbon


miller lite. michelob ultra. heineken.

corona. anchor steam.

stella artois. sierra nevada. sam adams


please allow time for these drinks as they

are prepared with fresh ingredients

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