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Catering Packages - Dimora Ristorante & Bar

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Catering Packages

Package #1
1. Client picks it up
2. We deliver it

Package #2
• We provide and deliver all food and we also provide
• Dinnerware, serving pieces, decoration centerpiece
• Flowers arrangement fresh or synthetic or décor with the theme
• Services, garcon, bartender and helper
• After party clean up
• Music, DJ and others
• Buffet with hot an cold food
• Cake and desert is optional it will be extra charge depend on size and type of cake

Package #3
• Hord'oeuvers and cocktail
• With or with out bar tender and garcon
• Music or DJ optional extra charge prices are variable
• Dinnerware, serving dishes and cups also extra

Dimont menu
• Appetizers variety of hot and cold appetizer
• Delicious baked clams, eggplant, rolatine salad and roosted pepper selective cheeses and olives
• Beverages prices varies

Package #4
• Full buffet with and without garcon and helpers
• Price depends on how many guests
• Drinks are optional and prices varies depend on the type of beverages

Package #5
• Outdoor barbecue catering depends on quantity of guests and helpers and food and drink selection
Monday - Thursday
11:45AM - 10:00PM

11:45AM - 11:00PM

1:00PM - 11:00PM


12:30PM - til
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