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Deli Menu - Boemio & Sons

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Deli Menu

Sausage and pepper sandwich 1.50 ea

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich $1.50 ea

Chicken cutlet Sandwich  $1.50 ea

Beef empanadas $2.75 ea 

Stuffed Artichokes $8.50 ea

Fried battered garlic cheese balls 5.00

Sriracha onion rings 4.00

Fried clam strips and coleslaw 4.00

Homemade macaroni salad $3.49 lb 

Homemade potato salad $3.49 lb 

Homemade meatballs $8.99 lb 

Breaded chicken cutlets $7.99 lb 

Homemade soup:

pint : $3.00 | quart:  $6.00

Boardwalk special!

Corn dogs 2 for 1.00

Saubret hot dogs 2 for 3.00

Philly cheese steak 7inch $5.00

add peppers or onions .50 

Can be sold Hot and Cold

8 piece fried chicken  $6.99

Meat loaf dinner $5.00

Pot Roast $5.00

Chicken Parm with pasta $5.00

Cod Franchisee over rice $6.00

Colonial Roast Pork and Stuffing $5.00

German Sauerbraten $5.00

Fried shrimp and Chips $7.00

Prepared Meals

Veal marsala $10.99lb

Meatballs $8.99lb

Battered cod $9.99lb 

Perogies with onions $5.99lb

Prime rib $15.99lb

Kielbasa with onions and potatoes $8.99lb

Chicken franchisee $7.99lb

Sausage and peppers $6.99lb

German Sauerbraten $8.99lb

Yankee Pot Roast $8.99lb

Colonial roast pork with stuffing $7.99lb

Chorizo with spanish rice $6.99lb

Butcher Meats

Ground beef 4.99lb

Chicken breast 7.99lb

Chicken tenders 6.99lb

Pork chops 6.99

Bacon 4.99lb

NY strip steak 13.99lb

Veal cutlets 14.99lb 

Sweet Italian sausage 4.99lb

T-bone 12.99lb

Flat iron steak 10.99lb

Burgers 6 pack 7.99 frozen

Burgers 20 pack case 29.99 frozen

We carry all Boars Head products

Turkey low sodium 8.99

Deluxe ham low sodium 8.99

Liverwurst 5.99

Bologna 5.99

Cracked pepper Turkey 8.99

Ever roast chicken 8.99

Pastrami 9.99

Corned beef round 9.99

Grande pepperoni 6.99

Imported coppa 12.99

Grande soppressata 11.99

Prosciutto di Parma 18.99

Oven gold Turkey 

Ham 8.99

American cheese 5.99

Lacey swiss 8.99

Provolone picante  6.99

We make our fresh mozzarella daily! 8.99lb

Tomato sauce Jared here fresh! $9

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