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Fried calamari...4p 40.00/8p 60.00

Classic Meatballs...4p 25.00/8p 41.00

Chicken Fingers and French Fries...4p 35.00/8p 54.00

Mista Salad : baby greens, tomatoes, carrots, radish, cucumber...4p 27.00/8p 39.00

Roasted Brussel sprouts...4p 27.00/8 p 46.00

Sauteed Broccoli Rabe...4p 25.00/8p 41.00

Sauteed Spinach...4p 25.00/8p 39.00

Roasted Cauliflowers with raisins and pinoli nuts...4p 27.00/8p 41.00

Caesar salad....4p 28.00/8p 39.00

Rigatoni Bolognese...4p 37.00/8p 65.00

Penne Vodka...4p 37.00/8p 65.00

Grilled Salmon Piccata with spinach and roasted potatoes...4p 75.00/8p 110.00

Short Ribs of beef with saffron risotto...4p 85.00/8p 125.00

Chicken Parmigiana with penne...4p 57.00/8p 95.00

Chicken Francaise with mixed sautee vegetables and roasted potatoes...4p 57.00/8p 95.00

Chicken Milanese with roasted potatoes and side of arugola, parmigiamo, tomato, red onions, parmigiano...4p 57.00/8p 95.00

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