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  • Napoleon11.50

    Very crispy, very light, fresh strawberry napoleon

  • Torta Calda al Cioccolato10.50

    Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

  • Italian Ricotta Cheesecake10.50

    Traditionally made with citrus flavoring and candied orange

  • Chocolate Souffle11.50

  • Souffle of the Day11.50

  • Creme Brulee10.50

    Pastry Chef Donna Sardella

  • Tiramisu10.50


  • Tartufo Trio10.75

    Vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut semifreddo

  • Strudel di Stagione10.50

    Crispy warm seasonal strudel with ice cream

  • Homemade Assorted Ice Cream & Sorbert9.00

  • Budino10.50

    Layers of chocolate pudding and graham crackers with whipped cream

  • Baked Alsaka10.50

    ice cream, almond pound cake and baked meringue

  • Beverages

    Coffee . Espresso . Double Espresso . Cuppuccino

  • Dessert Wines

  • "Black Silk" Ruby Red Dessert Wine 2005 half btl 22

    Black Cherry and cassis with notes of chocolate

  • Muscat Desser Wine, California 2011 half btl 18

    Subtle minerality, fresh orange, honeysuckle and dried apricots.

  • Gluten Free Dessert

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.
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