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Izumi Hibachi Steak
Izumi Hibachi Steak

Special Drinks

Premium Sake Menu

Katana (180 ml) $8.95
Extra dryness brings clean and crystal finish. Exeter dry

Hananomai (300 ml) $18.95
Fruity aroma and crisp, bitter finish. Dry

Kurosawa (300 ml) $18.95
Smooth & gentle, rich delicate flavor. Dry

Kurobin (300 ml) $18.95
Gentle aroma yet full flavor with clean finish, with a crisp

Okunomatsu (300 ml) $18.95
Dry overall with a crisp touch but a bit of softness in the recess, and nice bitterness, in the center. Medium dry

Your Favorite Cocktails are also available

Exotic Drinks

Zombie $5.50
Three different kinds of rum and a cmbination of fruit juices make it great

Mai Tai $5.50
South Sea's favorite rum drink, has a mysterious accent all of its own

Scorpion $5.50
Honolulu's favorite libation, light rum replaces. Okolehau and a gardinia lend enchantment

Pina Colada $5.50
Exotic coconut and pineapple juice with rum

Blue Hawaii $5.50
A vodka base pineapple drink served truely blue

Navy Grog $5.50
A rum base tropical fruit drink, and dice burgundy wine

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.