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Villaggio Iccara


Gourmet Panini

Genovese $8.40
Fire roasted chicken breast, pesto roasted peppers, and fresh mozzarella

Tacchino Club $7.40
Sliced turkey with fontina cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo

Vegetariano $8.40
Grilled eggplant, roasted peppers, asparagus, and zucchini

Cesarino $8.40
Fire roasted chicken, shrimp, romaine, parmigiano, and caesar dressing

Spinoccolo $7.70
Fire roasted chicken, spinach, feta cheese, and roasted peppers

Muffolettta $8.40
Mortadella, salami, and provolone with spring mix and homemade olive salad

Rugolino $7.70
Turkey, arugola, ricotta salata, sundried tomatoes, and pesto mayonnaise

Aristo $8.40
Grilled sliced pork tenderloin, avocado, feta cheese, and caramelized onion

All panini are served with house chips and can sub with wraps.


Bellavista $9.90
Fire roasted chicken breast, portobello mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, and tomato, over mixed greens (balsamic vinaigrette)

Blackened Salmon $11.70
Blackened Norweigan salmon with red onion, cucumber, chopped tomato, and feta cheese (salmoriglio-balsamic)

Primavera $10.10
Sliced breaded chicken tenders, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, slices of green apples, and feta cheese over mixed greens (raspberry vinaigrette)

Crab Avocado $11.40
Lump crabmeat, sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes, and asparagus over mixed greens (salmoriglio)

Marinera $10.90
Grilled shrimp and calamari rings with asparagus over romaine (balsamic vinaigrette)

Pork Tenderloin $10.90
Grilled sliced pork tenderloin, avocado, toasted almonds, caramelized onion, and spinach (raspberry vinaigrette)

Chopped $11.40
Asparagus, cucumber, avocado, roasted peppers, bacon bits, crumbled bleu cheese , and iceberg lettuce, all chopped (salmoriglio balsamic)


Mezze Porzioni / Small Plates

Calamari Fritti $4.90

Iccara's Wing $4.80

Carciofini Fritti $4.60

Bruschetta $3.70

Mussels $4.70

Caprese $4.90

Calamari Gorgonzola $5.90

Panini Classici

On torpedo rolls

Chicken Parmigiana $7.30

Eggplant Parmigiana $7.10

Sausage, Peppers, & Onions $7.10

Pepper & Egg $7.10

Meatball Parmigiana $7.10

Veal Parmigiana $9.80

Cheese Steak $7.10

Chicken Cheese Steak $7.10

Tuna Hoagie $7.10

American Hoagie $7.10

Chicken Cordon Bleu $7.40

Spicy Chicken Cheese Steak $7.20

All classic sandwiches served with fries


Cup - $3.90
Bowl - $5.90

Sausage & Spinach Soup

Zuppa del Giorno

"La Coppia" $6.90
Cup of soup or house salad with half gourmet panino

Add a cup of soup to any item for $1.90


Penne Bolognese $10.10
Ground beef and sausage in a vegetable tomato sauce with a touch of cream dressed with shaved parmiggiano over penne pasta.

Risotto Giardino $10.40
Zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, spinach and broccoli in a lite parmiggiano broth over arborio risotto

Risotto Domenico $10.60
Sauteed chicken and sausage in an essence cream sauce over arborio risotto

Ravioli ai Spinaci $12.90
Spinach ravioli topped with grilled chicken, bacon and sun-dried tomatoes in an alfredo sauce

Penne Paesana $10.70
Grilled chicken and broccoli in an olive oil and garlic sauce server over penne pasta

Penne alla Norma $10.40
Eggplant, ricotta salata and basil in a fresh pomidoro sauce over penne pasta

Ravioli ai Arogosta $11.70
Lobster ravioli in a white wine pomidoro sauce with shrimp and mushrooms

Farfalle al Salmone $11.20
Flaked Norwegian salmon and baby shrimp in a sherry pink sauce with peas and ham over farfalle cooked in aluminum foil

Farfalle Molisane $10.40
Sausage, cannellini beans and broccoli rabe in a white wine oil and garlic sauce over farfalle pasta

Iccara Pescatore $11.40
Flaked white fish and chopped shrimp in a puttanesca sauce with kalamata olives and capers served over chitarra pasta


Salmone Portofino $12.90
Grilled salmon over wilted spinach dressed with a lemon basil cream sauce

Tilapia Oreganata $11.40
Broiled tilapia in a white wine garlic sauce over wilted spinach

Grouper Indiavolato $12.10
Panfried cajun style grouped with shrimp over wilted spinach in a lemon butter sauce

Grouper Marechiaro $11.40
Sauteed grouper in a lightly spiced fresh puttenesca sauce with capers and kalamata olives

Cajun Tilapia $11.10
Grilled cajun Tilapia topped with tomatoes and artichokes in a salmoriglia dressing over wilted spinach

Pollo Tricolore $11.40
Sauteed chicken breast with sundried tomatoes arugola and feta cheese in a fresh pomidoro sauce

Pollo Portobello $11.40
Sauteed chicken breast with proscuitto di parma, portobello mushroom and provolone in cracked peppercorn marsala demiglaze

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.