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Union Park Dining Room
Union Park Dining Room



Soup Du Jour MKT

Caesar $10.00
romaine, garlic lemon anchovy dressing, foccacia croutons

Duck Ravioli $15.00
seared, enoki mushroom pepper hash, seaweed, ginger beer licourice jus

Bay Scallops $15.00
chilled, greek olive tomato tapernade, caper vinaigrette, red pepper aioli

Tuna Tartare $16.00
wasabi lime crema, seaweed salad, pineapple relish, wonton crisp

Burrata $15.00
stuffed mozzarella, heirloom tomato bruschetta, basil oil

Crab Cake $15.00
lump crab, arugula, pepper chutney, jalapeno aioli

Oysters $16.00
1/2 dozen cape may salts on a half shell, cucumber mignonette, cocktail sauce

Foie Gras Torchon $20.00
seared, mission fig bread, fig preserves, balsamic crema, bourbon maple

Duck Charcuterie $45.00
rilette, prosciutto, salami, foi gras torchon, fig preserves, fig cake, crusty bread, cornchons, pickles, mustard


Chicken Breast $27.00
french cut, sun dried tomato, goat cheese, swiss chard, roasted fingerling potato, au jus

Tofu $27.00
seared, 7 spices, garlic squash, swiss chard, spicy butternut almond bisque

North Atlantic Salmon $28.00
tomato crab salad, goat cheese herb potato cake, sauce verte

Duck Duet $32.00
seared breast, duck confit hash, arugula & pear salad, sherry drizzle

Crab Cakes $32.00
haricots verts, potato, arugula, peppery chutney, jalapeno aioli

Pork $36.00
12 oz. rib chop, served medium, bacon roll, prosciutto, bacon apple gruyere tart, garlic squash, borbon glace

Boneless Short Rib $34.00
slow roasted, smoked bacon marmalade, carrot ginger, yukons, borbon glace

Filet Mignon $35.00
6 oz. char grilled, point reyes blue cheese, bourbon onions, haricots verts, sauce au poivre, whipped potatoes

Australian Lamb Rack $38.00
garlic rosemary au jus, whipped potato, haricots verts

North American Lobster $40.00
two 4 oz. butter poached lobster tails, lobster ricotta gnocchi, brown butter basil, pancetta, saffron oil, haricot vert


Anchovies $4.00

Asparagus $8.00

Lump Crab $11.00

Haricots Verts $6.00

Whipped Potato $6.00

4 oz. Lobster Tail $15.00

Point Reyes Bay Blue Cheese $7.00

Swiss Chard $6.00

*** gluten free version of our menu is available, please let us know about your allergies and dietary requirements

20% service charge will be added to tables of five or more

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.