Restaurant Passion
Nuno's Pavilion
Nuno's Pavilion


Appetizers (Aperitivos)

Sausage Portuguese Style $5.95
Chourico a Portuguesa

Clams on Half Shell $4.50
Ameijoas au natural

Steamed Clams in Green Sauce $5.95
Ameijoas abertas au vapor

Shrimp in Garlic Sauce $5.95
Camarao ao alho

Scallops a la Nuno’s $5.95
Wrapped in bacon

Shrimp Cocktail $5.95

Hot Buffalo Wings $4.95

Shrimp in Wine Sauce $5.95
Camarao ao vinho

Shrimp Creole $5.95
Camarao creole

Clams Casino $5.95

Clams a la Portuguese $5.95
Ameijoas a Portuguesa

Fried Squid $4.95
Lulas fritas

Mussels Spanish Style $4.95

Mozzarella Sticks $4.95

Soups - Sopas

Vegetable Soup $1.50
Sopa de legumes

French Onion Soup $2.50
Sopa de cebola

Salad Platters - Saladas

Chef Salad $4.95

Tuna Salad $3.95

Sandwiches - From the Grill - Grelhados

Pork Loin $3.95

Steak Sandwich $3.95

Fried Fish Filet $3.95

Chicken Breast $3.95

Cheese Steak Sandwich $4.25

Hamburger $3.50

Cheeseburger $3.95

Omelettes - Omoletes

Served with rice

Ham Omelette $4.95

Mushroom Omelette $4.95

Shrimp Omelette $6.95

Portuguese Omelette $5.95

Cheese Omelette $4.95

From the Sea - Do Mar

Shrimp in Garlic $7.95
With Spanish rice

Shrimp in Wine Sauce $7.95

Shrimp $7.95
With rice

Linguine $7.95
Topped with shrimp in garlic sauce

Scallops in Wine Sauce $8.95

Stuffed Flounder $8.95

Broiled Filet of Flounder Nuno’s $8.95
With shrimp in a garlic lemon sauce

*Fettuccini Alfredo* $7.95

From the Land - Da Terra

Febras na Brasa $7.95
Small barbequed pork steaks with olives, pickles, and French fries

Chicken in Garlic $7.95
Portion of chicken sauteed in special garlic sauce

Carne Alentejana $8.95
Tender cubes of pork, potatoes, and clams, in a special meat sauce

Chicken Breast $7.95
With mushrooms and rice or French fries

Chicken with Rice $7.95
Portuguese style

Small Sirloin Steak $9.95

Picadinho $8.95
Tender cubes of pork and sausage with Portuguese olives, pickles, and potatoes

Veal Marsala $8.95
With marsala wine and mushrooms

Veal Francese $8.95
Dipped in egg, sauteed with lemon sauce and wine

Steak $9.95
With jumbo egg bitoque

Desserts - Sombremesa

Cappuccino $2.50

Espresso Coffee $1.50

Regular Coffee $1.00

Molotoff $2.95

Cheese Cake $2.50

Chocolate Cake $2.50

Flan $2.50

Carrot Cake $2.50

May we suggest one of Nuno's famous sangrias
Red, White or Blue
Large Pitcher $12.95 * Half Pitcher $7.95
By the Glass $3.50

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.