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The Inn at Sugar Hill

Wine List


The Inn at Sugar Hill
Wine List

The pairing of food with wine goes back centuries. I'm not sure if it's the wine complementing the food or the other way around, but I know the combination of the two makes for a most memorable dining experience. With that in mind, I have not only selected wines that complement our menu but also selected them for their great taste and value. It is my hope that this list will offer you the opportunity to experience the magic of the great pairing of food with wine that our ancestors discovered so long ago. Enjoy!

Larry Boylan, Owner/Chef

Sample Selection; please call ahead to confirm vintage availability

Wines By The Glass


Chardonnay, Salmon Creek, Sonoma, CA $5.75
Light body, crisp, clean with hints of citrus fruits

Chardonnay, Excelsior, South Africa $7.00
Crisp, tropical overtones, from a well respected vineyard in Australia.

Chardonnay, Hayes Ranch, Central Coast, CA $6.50
Inviting aromas and flavors of vanilla, brown sugar and green apple with a hint of cinnamon.

Pinot Grigio, Salmon Creek, Sonoma CA $5.75
Light to medium body with citrus and herb tones without the sugar after taste.

Pinot Grigio, Villa De Borgo, Forchir, Italy $9.00
Citrus and melon flavors in a crisp, dry wine. Pure varietal character not commonly found in Pinot Grigio

Sauvignon Blanc, Villa Maria, New Zealand $8.50
Best food wine value on our list! Rated 90 points in Wine Specter.

White Zinfandel, Salmon Creek, Sonoma, CA $5.75
Light body bursting with sugar and fruit tones.

Riesling, 14 Hands, Washington State $8.00
Aromas of apple blossom and tangerine with a hint of wet stone. Fresh peaches and Granny Smith apples, Excellent with Sugar Hill crab cakes

Moscato, VOGA, Italy $8.00
Refreshingly sweet with a bubbly feeling.


Rioja, Vega, 2009 Spain $9.00
Lifted, tart red plum, oak nose; soft, tart red plum dill palate; medium finish 86+ points.

Pinot Noir, Mont Pellier, Napa, CA $8.00
Light-bodied red wine, bright cherry fruit on tangy berry flavors, lively acidity gives the wine some zest and balances the fruit. Tannins are moderate, and a hint of herbal complexity enhances the finish

Cabernet Sauvignon, Salmon Creek, Sonoma, CA $5.75
Light to medium bodied with tones of blue berries and dried fruits

Cabernet Sauvignon / Syrah, Val De L'Our, France $9.00
Brings to life the untamed, natural beauty of one of France's most famous wine making regions.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Irony, Napa Valley, CA $11.00
This full-bodied wine, with firm tannins and acidity, delivers blackbeery and ripe plum flavors coupled with hints of dried sage and sweet vanilla.

Merlot, Salmon Creek, Sonoma, CA $5.75
Light to medium bodied with crisp woody tones.

Merlot, Snoqualmie, Columbia Valley, WA $8.00
Beautiful fruit-filled aromas with a soft mouth feel.

Red Zinfandel, Gnarly Head "Old Wine Zin", Lodi, CA $9.00
Rich dark berry flavors, licorice, plum, pepper and vanilla. Spicy finish!

Syrah, House selection $9.00
Black plums, huckleberries and concentrated blueberries.

Melbec, Yauquen, Argentina $7.00
Scents of ripe black cherries. Plums, and violet flowers with notes of vanilla and caramel.

California Field Blend, R Collection by Raymond, California $11.00
The field Blend is a unique wine made from seven varietals, with the core five being Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel. The result is a well balanced, full bodied wine overflowing with tangy raspberry, cherry blueberry and white pepper.

Sweet Red Wine, Pepperwood Grove, California $6.50
Light to medium bodied with a sweet undertone


Mum's Brut $10.95
Sparkling "no sweetness" California wine.



Hogue Riesling ,Columbia Valley, Washington State $25.00
Subtly sweet, peach, apricot flavors.

Leon Beyer Alsace Riesling, Alsace, France $28.00
Fresh and elegant with virile and exquisite fruit.

Jekel Johannesburg Riesling-Arroyo - Seco, Monterey, California $23.00
Traditionally a sweeter wine with intense apricot and peach aromas, taste the gentle mist lifting off ripe fruit

White Zinfandel

Sutter Home , CA $25.00
Fruity and lightly sweet.

Sauvignon Blanc

Monkey Bay, Marlborough, New Zealand $28.00
Concentrated tropical fruit nice finish

Matanzas Creek, Sauvignon blanc, Sonoma County $32.00
Wine spectator 82 - Earthy with citrus and lemon flavors

Ferrari-Carano Fume’ Blanc Sonoma, CA $29.00
Wine spectator 89 points –Lush melon, fig and honey suckle flavors with a crisp acidity and herbaceous finish.

Frog's Leap Sauvignon Blanc, Rutherford Napa Valley, CA $39.00
Medium bodied, dry and soft acid, apricot and dried fruit with grassy flavors.

Fault Line, Marlborough, New Zealand $24.00
Grass, subtle grapefruit, bell pepper, green figs

Pinot Grigio

Estancia, Pinot Grigio, CA $29.00
Tropical fruit, light, crisp, 85% Pinot Grigio, 15% Chardonnay.

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio (Italy) $42.00
A dry, well balanced wine that offers complex fruit tones and a round finish.

Luna di Luna Pinot Grigio, chardonnay, Italy $24.00
Lovely crisp and refreshing blend of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Grigio is pleasantly dry with fruit flavors.

Sharrott Winery Pinot Grigio, Winslow, New Jersey $25.00
Light-bodied and dry, the food-friendly Pinot Grigio has aromatic notes of banana & pear matched on the palate with minerals, lime & a lingering finish. Gold Medal - 2010 Indianapolis international Bronze Medal-2010 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition


Simi Chardonnay ' 02, Sonoma, California $36.00
Full of fruit aromas, apples, melons, pears and citrus. Balanced with rich vanilla oak flavors.

Kendall Jackson – Vintner’s Reserve, CA $28.00
An outstanding Chardonnay boosting flavors of tropical fruit, green apples and light citrus.

Franciscan Oakville Estate- Cuvee Sauvage, Chardonnay $56.00
A premium vineyard, wild yeast gives this wine its extraordinary characters.

Sonoma Cutrer “ Russian River Ranch” , Sonoma, CA $35.00
Clean crisp loaded with aromas of green apples- leaves a lasting impression of delicate fruit with hints of oak.

Sharrott Winery Unoaked Chardonnay, Winslow, NJ $28.00
Fragrant and light-bodied with a clean, crisp finish.

J. Lohr Arroyo Vista Monterey, CA $34.00
Golden yellow and quite aromatic with butter and apple aromas, strong oak - finish. Great with crab, lobster or fish. Spectator Selection-Wine Spectator 92-Tiers of spicy pear, apple, peach and hazelnut with vanilla and floral aromas.

Forrest Ville, NV, CA $25.00
Complex aromas of tropical fruit and toasty oak. Tastes of ripe fruit and apples

White Blends and Imported

Estampa Reserve, Chil, Casablanca Valley $24.00
Blend of saugignon blanc, chardonnay, and viognier. Fresh figs, citrus, apples and pear finish.

Orange Muscat, Robert Hall, Paso Robles, CA $38.00
Fresh, citrus and orange blossoms aromas with a touch of sweet spice.

Champagnes & Sparkling Wines

Martini & Rossi, Asti Spumanti ‘NV Torini, Italy $26.00
Light bodied with zesty fruit tones.

Korbel “Extra Dry” CA $27.00
Round in the mouth with flavors of cherries, currants and figs.

Jordan “ J “ Healdsburg, CA $52.00
Complex and inviting with spicy pear, green apple and citrus notes- Wine Spectator 88.

Great Western New York State Champagne “Brut” Hammondsport, N.Y. $24.00
Dry sparkling wine with tones of herbs and earthy oak.

Moet et Chandon “ Brut” ‘NV Epernay, France $59.00
A traditional Champagne from a famous region in France. A beautiful pale straw wine bursting with flavors.

Perrier Jouet, Grand Brut, Epernay, France $78.00
This a creamy, round, rich, balanced champagne with flavors of fresh apples and lemons with a lingering finish.

Dom Perignon, Epernay, France $195.00
One of the oldest wineries in Epernay still producing world class Champagnes. A breath taking display of a true Champagne.

Roederer Estate Brut, Anderson Valley, CA $35.00
The Roederer Estate Brut is crisp and elegant with complex pear, spice and hazelnut flavors. It is fresh and lightly fruity with great finesse and depth of flavor.


Pinot Noir

Argyle Pinot Noir, '00, Williamette Valley, Oregon $46.00
Ripe black cherry and spice, fruit sweet silkiness with masked tannins.

Rodney Strong “ Russian River” , CA $35.00
Complex ripe, rich & vibrant with lovely core of plum, earthy cherry, wild berry, leather & spice flavors.

La Crema Pinot Noir “Russian River”, CA $61.00
Exotic aromas of black cherry; blackberry with hints of cola, black licorice and subtle dried herbs.


Forest Glen, Oak barrel selection , Sonoma County, CA $25.00
Bright ruby red, herb and red fruit aromas, moderately full bodied with cherry tannins.

Franciscan Oakville Estate, Napa Valley, CA $38.00
Wine Enthusiast 91 points- Medium bodied lush red wine with generous fruit and vanilla aromas.

Stag’s Leap*, CA $79.00
A small appellation wine, well balanced with definite dark plum and complex dried fruit flavors.

Duckhorn Vineyards,* 2004 Napa Valley, CA $76.00
Dark and smoky, wine has beautifully integrated, deeply complex flavors of black currant, blueberry, plums, raisins and the perfect balance of cedar and oak on the finish. Biggest Merlot Duckhorn has ever released.

*We recommend a 30 minute decanter for these wines to reach maximum drinkability.

Red Zinfandel

Storybook Mountain Vineyards ”Eastern Exposures” Calistoga, CA $49.00
Gorgeous bouquet, sweet fruit, long finish, beautifully pure” Robert Parker.

Lolonis, Redwood Valley, CA $32.00
Floral style with velvety tannins, black cherry, vanilla, plum and spice notes. Long and appealing finish.

Edmeades, Mendocino County, 2006, CA $32.00
Smoke and chocolate, raspberry finish.

Kenwood, Zinfandel, Sonoma CA $39.00
Smooth fruit finish, great value.

Montavina, Sierra Foothills, 2004, CA $40.00
The Zinfandel is full bodied, ripely flavored and medium medium rich, with good balance, and flavors tasting of berry jam, aniseed, and plum. Long finish.

Red Blends and Imported

Stones Street " Legacy" '03', Alexander Valley, CA $148.00
"A serious Cabernet Sauvignon dominated red blend from Alexander Valley, Classic, acid and tannin structure with a full dense core. Red currants, cherries, earthy dust and a dense cocoa dark chocolate, ripe plums, blackberries, bright and pure, Balanced. full and elegant, Wines like this are normally not for sale. They are cherished.

Sharrott Winery Trio, Winslow, NJ $36.00
Trio is a bold red that combines the Outer Coastal Plain's expressions of three noble grapes; bright fruity Cab Sauvignon, rich Cab Franc and velvety Merlot. It is smooth with notes of vanilla, lilac, fresh cherries & strawberries

Monsanto " Chianti Classico, " Chianti, Italy $45.00
A Famous region in Italy blends this Classico red table wine with chewy fruit and soft oak tones.

Estancia "Meritage," Alexander Valley, CA $46.00
Bright cherry red, medium bodied with flavors of chocolate, toasted vanilla oak and cinnamon, well balanced.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve , CA $33.00
An aromatic bouquet with red rose colors features plum and dried apricot flavors.

Robert Hall, Pasa Robles, CA $29.00
Barrel aged underground for 18 months, this hand crafted limited production boasts a full bodied wine with a core of black currant and hints of cedar and spice

Raymond “Reserve” , CA $43.00
Spectator Selection –Wine Spectator 92. Nice round red with ripe flavors of Black current, cotton candy, spices and oak.

Stonestreet, Alexander Valley, 2000, 2004, CA $80.00
Full bodied with baskets full of black cherries, ripe plums and sun soaked oak.

La Jota Vineyard Co., Napa Valley, 2002, CA $79.00
100% Cabernet Sauvignon, dark fruit, deep berry aromas. Toasted nut, vanilla and spice from oak barrel aging.

La Jota Vineyard Co. 20th Anniversary Release , Naps Valley, 2001, CA $109.00
93 points Wine Enthusiast. Ripe, round and rich with dense berry flavors and a finish with velvety smooth tannins. Raspberry Jam, toasted hazelnuts and gobs of vanilla.

Jordan, Alexander Valley, Vintage, CA $89.00
Wine Spectator 88 -An elegant and graceful style with ripe cherry, currents, green olive, and bell pepper notes

Wild Horse, Central Coast, CA $38.00
A well - known medium bodied Cabernet built with rich berry flavors and hints of vanilla and oak.

Forrest Glen, CA $25.00
Rich medium bodied Cabernet with a beautiful bouquet of cherries & vanilla. Luscious flavors of rich blackberry & plum.

Ferrari Carano, Alexander Valley, CA $42.00
A deep garnet red with hints of toasted toffee, black fruit with a touch of vanilla imparted by American Oak.

Anakota, Helena Montana Vineyard,Knights Valley, 2001, CA 950 ft. $85.00
92 Points - Robert Parker, the wine Advocate. Although black fruit also prevails in the full-bodied flavor. A hint of chocolate and espresso are present. Remarkably soft tannins give this 2001 vintage wine a velvet-like quality.

Anakota, Helena Dakota Vineyard, Knight Valley, 2001, CA 750 ft. $80.00
89 POINTS - Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar. Full ruby-red. Reticent nose hints at blueberry, blackberry, espresso and game. Lush and rich.

Rutherford Hill, Napa Valley, CA $59.00
Rich medium bodied Cabernet from a premium winery in a premium region.

Irony, Napa Valley, CA $35.00
Well balanced with the fruit up front, soft tannins.

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.