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Mambo Tea House


Aperitivos / Appetizers

Tostones Rellenos De Camarones $12.00
Fried green plantain cups filled with jumbo tiger shrimps in a Caribbean creole sauce

Tostones Rellenos de Ropa Vieja $9.00
Fried green plantain cups filled with shredded beef in a Caribbean Creole sauce

Croquetas De Cangrejo Y Camarones $8.00
Shrimp and crab croquettes served in a creamy seafood bisque sauce

Croquetas De Jamon $6.50
Ham croquettes served in a French creole sauce.

Camarones Al Ajillo $10.00
Succulent tiger shrimps in garlic and white wine

Mejillones Menis al Ajillo $9.00
Mussels served without shells in a garlic and white wine

Pastelillo De Cangrejo $9.50
Jumbo Lump crab cake topped with our homemade honey mustard sauce

Mariquitas De Platanos - V $5.00
Green plantain chips served w/ or culantro & mojo sauce

Tamal En Hoja $7.00
Corn tamal cooked with bits of pork

Mambo's Tapas Para Compartir $23.00
Mambo's appetizer sampler - 3 plate tower of our signature Cuban small bites to be shared

Empanadas De Carne $4.50
Fried Latin turnovers filled with ground beef

Empanadas De Pollo $4.50
Fried Latin turnovers filled with chicken

Empanadas De Espinaca y Queso-V $4.50
Fried Latin turnovers filled with spinach and cheese

Empanadas De Guayaba Y Queso -V $4.50
Fried Latin turnovers filled with guava & cheese.

Bocaditos De Sandwich Cubano $7.00
Pressed ham & pork sandwich bites with swiss cheese, pickle topped with mustard and our special mojo sauce

Chorizo En Salsa De Vino Tinto $7.00
Sauteed premium Spanish sausage in a red wine sauce

Masitas De Cerdo $8.50
Fried marinated boneless pork pieces

Chicharron De Pollo $7.50
Crispy marinated chicken piecs on the bone


Traditional Caribbean Green Plantains Mashed with Tiny Crispy Pork Bits, Garlic, and Olive Oil
. With chicken breast in garlic and white wine sauce-$15.50
. With roasted pork in French Creole sauce-$15.50. With fried pork chunks in French Creole sauce-$15.50
. With jumbo tiger shrimp in garlic & white wine sauce-$19.50

Combinacion De Arroz / Rice Dishes

Arroz con Pollo
Yellow rice with boneless chicken and Spanish sausage
$15.00 / $22.00

Paella Marinera
Spaniard style rice with lobster, shrimp, clam, mussel
$26.00 / $42.00

Paella Valenciana
Spaniard style rice with boneless chicken, Spanish sausage,shrimp, clam and mussel
$22.00 / $29.00

Pollo / Chicken

Pollo Maya $14.50
Chicken breast sauteed in garlic and wine sauce served with homemade mashed potatoes

Pechuga De Pollo A La Parrilla Con Salasa De Mango $14.50
Grilled chicken breast with fresh mango salsa served with choice of white rice OR vegetables

Chicharron De Pollo $14.50
Crispy chicken pieces on the bone served with tostones and choice of rice and beans OR moro

Pescador Del Mar / Seafood

Camarones Enchilados $22.00
Sauteed jumbo shrimps with peppers and onions in a spicy Caribbean Creole sauce. Served with rice and beans

Camarones A La Parrilla $22.00
Grilled jumbo shirmps. Served with rice and beans

Camarones Al Ajillo $22.00
Sauteed jumbo shrimps in garlic and wine. Served with rice and beans

Mambo Tilapia $16.50
Sauteed tilapia in garlic and white wine sauce with capers served with white rice and vegetables

Pargo Frito $24.00
Crispy whole red snapper with coconut and ginger sauce served with Caribbean shrimp fried rice

Salmon De Lysnell $27.00
Baked salmon topped with a creamy vodka and caper sauce served with Caribbean shrimp fried rice

Chilean Sea Bass In Balsamic Reduction $29.50
Seared chilean sea bass over sauteed spinach served with roasted potatoes

Carnes / Meats

Entrees below served with rice and beans OR moro rice
(Except Tyler Steak and Lechon Asado)

Ropa Vieja $15.50
Slowly cooked shredded beef with peppers, onions in a light tomato sauce

Vaca Frita "Fried Cow" $15.50
Pan fried shredded beef cooked with garlic and onions

Picadillo A La Habanera $13.50
Lean ground beef cooked with olives, potatoes & tomato

Tyler Steak $19.50
Texas cut hanger steak topped with red wine demi-glaze sauce served with black truffle mashed potatoes

Churrasco Con Chimichurri $23.50
Grilled Certified Black Angus skirt steak topped with our chimichurri sauce

Bistec De Palomilla $17.50
Sauteed top sirloin steak pounded thin topped with onions and served with tostones OR rice and beans OR moro rice

Bistec Empanizado $17.50
Fried pounded thin breaded sirloin steak served with tostones OR rice and beans OR moro rice

Rabo Encendido $21.50
Braised oxtail stew in a Caribbean Creole sauce

Masitas De Cerdo $14.50
Fried boneless pork pieces topped with sauteed onions

Lechon Asado $18.50
Slowly cooked roasted pork served with boiled cassava

Sopas / Soup

Sopa de Pollo $5.50
Chicken soup with potatoes, carrots, & celery.

Caldo Gallego
Spaniard rustic white bean soup with Spanish sausage, procuitto, pancetta and spinach.
$5.50 / $9.50

Ensaladas/ Salads

Ensalata del Caribe- V $8.00
Heart of palm, carrots, cucumber, olives, roasted red peppers, tomatoes and feta cheese served over field greens and tossed with our homemade vinaigrette.

Ensalada de la Casa- V $5.00
Romaine lettuce, tomato, red onions, carrots and cucumbers tossed with our house vinaigrette.

Salad Add-Ons $15.50
Add grilled chicken breat - plus $4.00
Add grilled steak -Plus $5.00
Add grilled jumbo tiger shrimp - Plus $7.00

Acompanantes / Sides Dishes

Arroz Blanco - V / Amarillo $3.50
White / yellow rice.

Arroz Moro $4.00
White rice cooked with black beans and bacon

Frijoles Negros - V / Colorados $3.50
Black beans / red beans.

Arroz Frito Caribeno Con Camarones $7.50
Caribbean shrimp fried rice served w/ coconut & ginger sauce

Yuc Hervida -V $4.00
Boiled cassava topped with onions and mojo sauce

Yuca Frita -V $4.00
Fried cassava served with culantro and mojo sauce

Maduros -V $4.00
Fried sweet ripe plantains.

Tostones -V $4.00
Fried green plantains served w/culantro and mojo sauce

Vegetales Saltados - V $6.00
Broccoli and carrots sauteed in garlic and olive oil

Espinaca Salteada -V $6.00
Sauteed spinach in garlic and olive oil

V=Vegetarian Dishes

Bebidas / Beverages

"Original" Mojito Mambo (Non-Alcoholic) $4.00
Refreshing Cuban beverage with fresh mint and lime.
Add own rum
$10.00 pitcher

Passionfruit Or guava Mojito (non-alcoholic)
Pitcher-( $12.)

Sangria Mambo $10.00
Pitcher of sangria made with fresh fruits. Add your own wine.

Pina Colada (Non-Alcoholic) $4.00

Shirley Temple $2.50

Mambo Iced Tea $2.75
Sweet green tea with ginseng, honey, and fruit flavors

San Pellegrino
Imported sparkling water
$2.00 / $4.50

Aqua Panna $4.50
imported mineral water

Soda $2.00
(Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger-Ale, Orange, Seltzer)

Milk, Orange or Cranbrry juice $2.75

Postres / Desserts

Tres Leche $7.00
Sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk and topped with sliced almonds

Flan De Coco $6.00
Rich coconut custard with a top layer of soft caramel and sprinkled with toasted coconut

Arroz Con Leche $5.00
Warm traditional Caribbean rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon

Bizcochio De Chocolate $5.50
Warm mini chocolate cake with melted dark chocolate center, served with raspberry sace and vanilla ice cream

Conchas De Guayaba $5.00
Guava shells with choice of cream cheese or vanilla ice cream

Gallentitas $4.00
Assorted cookie

Cafe Y Tea Te / Coffee & Tea

Cafe Con Leche $3.50

Cappuccino $4.00

Espresso $2.00

Double Espresso $3.00

Cortadito $2.00

Double Cortadito $3.00

100% Colombian Coffee $2.50

Chai Tea Latte-Presweetened $4.00

Hot Chocolate $3.00

Decaf. Available

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.