Lunch Menu

Edamame Dumplings 9
steamed, ponzo dipping sauce
Honey Thai Chicken Wings 10
wasabi ranch
Hummus Veggie Platter 9
chickpeas, lemon, tahini, fresh vegetables, grilled pita

Farfalle en Brodo Soup  
vegetarian tomato broth, vegetables, bowtie pasta
cup 3 / bowl 4
Soup of the Day  
cup 3 / bowl 4

Soup & Salad 8
cup of the day or farfalle en brodo, large house salad
Quiche & Salad 9
made daily, fresh vegetables, whole wheat crust, side salad

Café Cobb 13
field greens, grilled chicken, avocado, applewood smoked bacon, tomato, hard cooked eggs, blue cheese
Arugula 10
fresh arugula, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, mushrooms, fresh romano cheese, vinegar, oil
add: grilled chicken or tempeh 12
grilled shrimp 13
Insalata Metro 10
crisp greens, bowtie pasta, roasted peppers, black olives, hot peppers, fresh mozzarella, sundried tomato vinaigrette
Classic Caesar 9
romaine leaves, zesty garlic, lemon, parmesan dressing, homemade garlic herbed croutons
add: grilled chicken or tempeh 12
Quinoa Kale 13
walnuts, cucumbers, golden raisins, fresh lemon herb vinaigrette

Vegetable Stir Fry 10
garden fresh veggies, ginger soy sauce, organic brown rice
add: tofu or marinated tempeh 11
chicken 12 / shrimp 13

Organic Vegetables 13
steamed or stir-fried, over organic brown rice
Grilled Tempeh Seasonal Chutney 12
grilled soybean cake, chutney, organic brown rice, steamed organic vegetables

made from the finest organic unbleached flour
dairy-free mozzarella available
Classico 10
Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, herbs, spices
Quattro Fromaggi 12
mozzarella, fontina, ricotta, parmesan, tomato sauce
Bruschetta 11
fresh tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil, fresh mozzarella
David’s Favorite 13
grilled chicken, pesto, black olives, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella
Jardinera 12
fresh spinach, grilled eggplant, diced tomato, ricotta, mozzarella
Metro Vegetarian 12
vegetarian meatballs, roasted red peppers, hot peppers, mozzarella
Cafe Vegetarian 12
broccoli, roasted peppers, onions, fresh mushrooms, artichoke hearts, mozzarella

Portobello Sandwich 9
marinated grilled portobello, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, arugula, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, brioche bun
The “FLT” 8
faken bacon, lettuce, tomato, fresh herb mayo, toasted multi-grain
Cali Chicken 9
marinated grilled chicken, havarti, avocado, sprouts, tomato, herb mayo, toasted ciabatta
Meatless Meatball Hero 8
vegetarian meatballs, marinara, mozzarella, toasted italian bread
Café Veggie Sandwich 8
grilled zucchini, fresh tomato, sautéed mushrooms and onions, melted fontina cheese, lemon caper mayo, whole wheat
Hummus Veggie Wrap 8
chickpeas, lemon, tahini, cucumbers, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, spinach tortilla
Chicken Peanut Wrap 9
marinated grilled chicken, spicy peanut sauce, asian slaw, whole wheat wrap
The Metro Salmon Burger 9
grilled north pacific salmon patty, cucumber, sprouts, tomato, chipotle mayo, brioche bun
Roasted Poblano Black Bean Burger 8
avocado, lettuce, tomato, chipotle aioli, brioche bun

Whole Wheat Linguine 12
tossed with grilled marinated tofu, chopped basil, plum tomatoes, chipotle, garlic, olive oil
Chicken Fresca 12
sautéed chicken, diced tomatoes, capers, shallots, white wine, fresh lemon, butter, fettuccini
Rigatoni Metro 12
sliced grilled chicken, fontina cream sauce, plum tomatoes, rigatoni
Pecorino Pear Ravioli 12
herb citrus cream sauce, golden raisins
Linguine Meatless Meatballs 12
vegetarian meatballs, homemade marinara linguine
Ravioli Parmigiana 11
jumbo cheese ravioli, homemade marinara sauce, melted mozzarella cheese
Penne Rosa 12
prosciutto, onions, peas, pink cream sauce
Perchatelli Pesto 12
sundried tomatoes, shallots, black and kalamata olives, nut-free basil pesto


daily homemade desserts
Whole Wheat Linguine 12
Peanut Butter Cheesecake 7
Tiramisu 7
Homemade Vegan Carrot Cake 7

Coke • Diet Coke • Sprite • Ginger Ale • Seltzer 1.5 / Juice Spritzers 2.5
Fruit Juice 2.5 / Organic Lemonade 2.5 / Pellegrino Sparkling Water 6
Coffee 1.5 / Tea 1.5 / Herbal Tea 2 / Cappuccino 4 / Espresso 3