Dinner Menu

Small Plates
Artisanal Cheese Plate (serves 2) 14~
A collection of small production cheeses with appropriate condiments.
Served with a selection of gourmet crackers, fig preserves, & cornichons
Charcuterie Plate (serves 2) [Gluten free] 14~
A rotating selection of prepared sausages, pâté, & cured meats
Served with house made flatbreads, country bread cornichons, & whole grain mustard
Clams on the 1/2 Shell [Gluten free] 10~
1/2 dozen 7~
Full dozen 13~
Oysters on the 1/2 Shell [Gluten free]  
Price dependent upon variety
Bloody Mary Oysters (5) 14~
1/2 shelled Blue Point Oysters; misted with vodka, topped with frozen Bloody Mary mix.
Shrimp Cocktail [Gluten free] 12~
5 jumbo shrimp, with lettuce and cocktail sauce.
Heavenly Hummus 8~
Served with house-made Focaccia flatbreads.
Tuckerton Crab Dip [Gluten free] 12~
NJ blue claw crab meat, cocktail sauce, & cream cheese; served with Saltine crackers.
Small Plates
Soups of the Day
Made here, with fresh ingredients, no exceptions, no excuses.
Cup 3~
Bowl 5~
Buffalo Chicken Wings  
Also available in a Bourbon Maple sauce
6 pc...6~
12 pc...10~
Buffalo Shrimp 12~
6 Jumbo Shrimp, fried, & tossed in a house-made buffalo sauce; served with Bleu cheese.
Double Dip 12~
1) English Cheddar, Bacon, & Horseradish dip &
2) Spinach & Pecorino-Romano dip
Each dip is served with oven-baked pretzel bites & house-made focaccia bread
Garlic Shrimp 12~
4 Jumbo Shrimp in garlic, white wine, & butter; served with garlic toast.
Calamari 8~
Lightly breaded, served with both mild & spicy tomato marinara.
Buffalo Calamari 10~
Fried Calamari in Buffalo sauce; served with Bleu cheese & celery.
Baked Marinated Artichoke Hearts [Gluten free] 14~
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, garlic, & basil.
Mussels & Chorizo [Gluten free] 10~
Prince Edward Island Mussels, with bacon, roasted garlic, oven roasted plum tomato, fresh basil.
Lobster Ravioli 14~
Four ravioli, ricotta, lobster stock & sherry cream sauce; topped with sautéed spinach.
Lobster Risotto [Gluten free] 14~
North American lobster medallions, creamy risotto; topped with diced tomatoes & fresh tarragon.
Scallop Melt 12~
5 Cheeses, mushrooms, bacon, & Chablis over toast points.
Lemongrass Mussels [Gluten free] 12~
Prince Edward Island Mussels in Coconut milk with saffron, curry, & chives.

From the Field
Add a protein to any salad: Chicken 5~ Salmon 7~ Shrimp 8~
Tossed Salad [Gluten free]  
Mesclun lettuce, sliced tomato, cucumber, black olives, red onion, Pecorino-Romano cheese, balsamic vinaigrette.
Small 5~
Large 9~

House Pasta Salad  
Romaine lettuce, bow tie pasta, fresh mozzarella, provolone, artichokehearts, black olives, roasted red peppers, & house-made pesto vinaigrette.
Small 5~
Large 9~

Caesar Salad  
Romaine lettuce, Pecorino-Romano cheese, croutons, house-made Caesardressing with anchovies.
Small 5~
Large 9~

Roasted Pear & Fennel Salad [Gluten free] 8~
Shaved Fennel, Baby Arugula, crumbled blue cheese & Apple Cider Vinaigrette
Shrimp & Cucumber Salad [Gluten free] 14~
Chopped Jumbo shrimp, sliced cucumber, radish, & lemon-red winevinaigrette over greens.
Goat Cheese & Strawberry Salad [Gluten free] 11~
Arugula, goat cheese crumbles; served with balsamic & strawberry dressing.
Watermelon & Tomato Salad [Gluten free] 11~
Arugula, cucumber, Pecorino-Romano, & French whole grain mustard vinaigrette.
Grilled Chicken Waldorf Salad [Gluten free] 17~
Romaine lettuce, Granny Smith apples, walnuts, raisins, celery, & Waldorf dressing.


From the Sea
Lobster Ravioli 26~
Topped with Lobster sherry cream sauce, sautéed spinach, and Parmesancheese

Lobster Risotto [Gluten free] 28~
North American lobster medallions, creamy risotto; topped with dicedtomatoes & fresh tarragon
Grilled Fillet of Atlantic Salmon [Gluten free] 24~
Served with roasted new potatoes, sautéed spinach, & lemon.
Salmon Provencal [Gluten free] 26~
Grilled fillet of Atlantic Salmon, served in a plum tomato anise sauce, withonions, black olives, fennel, & topped with fresh basil
Linguini Red or White Clam 24~
Littleneck Clams, white wine, roasted garlic, hot pepper flakes, Pecorino-Romano, & fresh thyme
Prince Edward Island Mussels & Chorizo 22~
In a sauce with bacon, roasted garlic, oven roasted plum tomato, fresh basil;served over Penne pasta
Seafood Gumbo 30~
Shrimp, lobster, crawfish, lump crab meat, red peppers, green bell peppers,onions, celery, & garlic sausage over Basmati rice

From the Land
Balsamic Chicken 25~
Sun dried tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, & butter; servedover Penne pasta
Chicken in Pesto Cream 25~
Grilled breast of Chicken in fresh pesto & cream, with sun-dried tomatoes;served over Penne pasta
Hanger Steak 28~
Red bliss smashed potatoes, sautéed spinach & garlic, Cabernet reduction
Macaroni & Cheese with Smoked Bacon 16~
Asiago, Fontina, English Cheddar, green pepper (this ain't your boxed Mac & cheese)
Penne Vodka 16~
Cream, vodka, prosciutto, peas, minced onion, tomato, garlic
with grilled chicken.......add 4~
with grilled shrimp.......add 6~

Cedar Plank Grilled Selections
Slow-roasted on sustainable Pacific Red Cedar.
All offerings are Gluten-free & are served with grilled vegetables and herbedrice.
Hanger Steak [Gluten free] 29~

Salmon [Gluten free] 26~

Shrimp [Gluten free] 26~

Barnegat Light Scallops, with bacon & rosemary [Gluten free] 28~

The Bistro Burger
12 ounces of 100% grass fed Black Angus beef, on a toasted English muffin;served with fries
The Classic Burger 12~
A burger for the purist!
The Cheddar Burger 14~
English cheddar, smoked bacon, & caramelized onions.
The Parisian Burger
Brie cheese & sautéed mushrooms.
The Pizza Burger 14~
Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, & pepperoni.
The Avocado Burger 14~
English cheddar, avocado, hot peppers.

Hand-Tossed Pizzas
12 ounces of 100% grass fed Black Angus beef, on a toasted English muffin;served with fries
Classic Pizza 11~
Fresh, homemade tomato sauce, part-skim Mozzarella, spices
White 12~
Ricotta, part-skim Mozzarella, spices
Five Cheese 12~
Tomato sauce, Asiago, Pecorino-Romano, Mozzarella, Fontina, AgedProvolone, spices
Margarita 12~
Tomato sauce, Fresh Mozzarella, fresh basil
Vodka Shrimp 14~
Vodka sauce, part-skim Mozzarella, grilled shrimp, spices

Customize your pizza with our TOPPINGS:  
Chorizo sausage, Pepperoni, Smoked Bacon, Ricotta, Blue Cheese, FreshTomato, Black Olive, Red Onion, Caramelized Onion, Green Bell Pepper,Mushrooms, Anchovies, Sun Dried Tomato, Spinach, Arugula, ArtichokeHearts, Broccoli, Roasted Red Pepper.
1.50~ additional

Grilled Chicken 4~ additional
Hanger Steak 6~ additional
Grilled Shrimp 6~ additional

Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale 2.50
Cranberry Juice 2.50
Pineapple Juice 2.50
Tomato Juice 2.50
Fresh-brewed, Unsweetened Iced Tea 3~
Fresh Squeezed Orange or Grapefruit Juice 4~
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (Seasonal) 4~
16 2% Milk 2.50
Chocolate Milk 2.50
Orangina 3~
Craft Root Beer 3~
Coca-Cola [Mexican version with real cane sugar] 355mL 3~
Pellegrino Sodas Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Limonata 3.50
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 500 ml 5~ 1 Litre 9~
Aquapanna Italian Spring Still Water 1 Litre 6~
Regular or Decaffeinated Coffee 3~
Gourmet Tea Selections 2~
Regular or Decaffeinated Cappuccino or Cafe Latte 5~
Regular or Decaffeinated Espresso 5~