January 27th 28th 29th





Colombian Empanadas – served with homemade salsa 13.00


Roasted Vegetables and Burrata Cheese – roasted eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, and yellow squash topped with burrata cheese dressed with a balsamic reduction. 14.00




Cajun Snapper ala Billy – blackened snapper filet served on a southern style vegetable stew made of zucchini, yellow squash, peppers, okra, and onions in a cream sauce with a touch of pernod. 29.00


Pork Chops Murphy – broiled pork chops topped with cherry peppers, 

sweet vinegar peppers, potatoes, and onions. 24.00


Cheese Tortellini –in a dry sherry sauce with asparagus, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes. 20.00



Our featured cocktails –

Cold Brew Martini – absolute vanilla vodka, cold brew tia maria and a shot of espresso. 11.00


Try an Applehatten – revel stokes apple whiskey with bitters and sweet vermouth. 11.00


Pamplemousse – absolute ruby red grapefruit vodka,

elderflower liqueur, and campari and pink grapefruit in a salt-rimmed glass.11.00



Our Wine Feature’s this Evening are:

Meiomi Chardonnay

12.00 per glass   35.00 per bottle

A smooth full-bodied California Chardonnay with luscious flavors of lemon,

almonds and pineapple. This is an excellent California style wine


Domaine Bousquet Malbec

12.00 per glass 35.00 per bottle

This Argentine wine is an organic red with big flavors of blackberries, currants, and plum and smooth silky finish.


Cash Wednesday is here!

Pay your check with cash and we take 20% off your check



Inflation issues are causing us to add $1.00 to each of our entrees.


Happy Birthday Bill Hughes   Happy Birthday Chris Ruether  

 Happy Diane DiGiuseppe