Charlotte’s Web Specials
39 West Clinton Street Dover, NJ



December 2nd 3rd 4th      



Lazy man’s Artichoke Hearts – artichoke hearts baked in a gratin with herbs, oreganato crumbs and romano cheese 12.00


Arugula Salad w/ Scallops – baby arugula, onions, tomatoes in our house dressing topped with broiled scallops 15.00




 Salmon and Mushy Peas – broiled salmon filet served on a bed of mashed sweet peas topped with a fresh herb, lemon and wine sauce. 28.00


Chipotle Pesto Chicken – chicken breast topped with melted Swiss cheese, a homemade chipotle pesto and crispy fried onions. 24.00


Cheese Ravioli Basilico – cheese stuffed pasta served in a plum tomato wine sauce with garlic, basil and fresh mozzarella. 19.00




Our featured cocktails –

Cold Brew Martini – absolute vanilla vodka, cold brew tia maria and a shot of espresso. 11.00


Try an Applehatten – revel stokes apple whiskey with bitters and sweet vermouth. 11.00


Pamplemousse – absolute ruby red grapefruit vodka,

elderflower liqueur, and campari and pink grapefruit in a salt-rimmed glass.11.00


Try Dogfish Head 60-minute IPA – 7.00


Our Wine Feature’s this Evening are:

Simi Chardonnay

11.00 per glass   33.00 per bottle

A delicious California Chardonnay with flavors of pears, tropical fruits, and citrus notes.


Spellbound Petit Sirah

11.00 per glass 34.00 per bottle

This beautiful ruby red Napa wine has luscious flavors of dark berries 

and a fruit forward finish.


Cash Wednesday is here! 

Pay your check with cash and we take 20% off your check 



Inflation issues are causing us to add $1.00 to each of our entrees.