GF: Gluten Free • GFO: Gluten Free Option • V: Vegetarian • VO: Vegetarian Option

Popcorn Shrimp $12.86
Cajun dusted, crispy beer-battered shrimp with cool ranch for dipping
Guacamole V GF $6.93
homemade with ripe avocado, with jalapeno,onion & tomato
Chili Con Queso GF $7.97
homemade beef chili & cheese sauce, with tortillachips for dipping
Chicken Taquitos $8.51
crispy rolled tortillas, sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole & cotija cheese
Empanadas $8.31
spanish pastries stuffed with chicken & olives,side of chipolte slaw, cotija cheese & chipotle aioli
Buffalo Chicken Tenders $9.88
with blue cheese dressing for dipping
Hog Wings $10.97
pigs can fly! pork on the bone, with chipotle bbq sauce& a side of ranch
Chori Queso Skillet $8.64
cheddar, monterey jack, & cotija cheese, chorizosausage & roasted poblano peppers with softflour tortillas
Nachos V $9.98
house made chips with 3 cheeses, pico de gallo, jalapenos, sour cream, black beans & topped with cheese sauce.
Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos $9.67

stuffed with queso fresco and wrapped with bacon served with chipolte aoli and mojo for dipping

served with pico de gallo & sour cream, filling of choice:
cheese $9.51 | braised b ee f $12.37 | chicken $9.99
shr imp $13.98 | spicy chor izo sausage $9.97 | veggie $11.51
Loaded Roadside Fries $9.62
chili, jalapeno, bacon & cheese sauce
Shrimp Tostada $11.92
crisp corn tortillas topped with manchego cheese, babyshrimp, guacamole, lettuce, pico de gallo, chipotle aioli & cotija cheese
Chicharrones Mixto $9.67

tempura cauliflower & crispy chicken wings served with chipolte mojo and buffalo sauce for dipping

Buffalo Cauliflower V $8.59
tempura battered cauliflower tossed in our homemade buffalo sauce, served with ranch for dipping
handmade flour tortillas, peppers, onions, rice, black
beans, sour cream, pico de gallo, lettuce & cheese.
ad d a si de of guacamole + $1.98

Vegetarian $12.73
Murray Farms Chicken $14.93
Bronzed Baby Shrimp $16.81
Certified Angus Steak $16.94
Grilled Salmon $21.56

Chili $6.47
slow cooked beef chili with chopped onions, melted cheese & cornbread.
Tortilla Soup $6.23
with chicken, tomato soup, crisp tortilla, sour cream & cotija cheese.
Black Bean Soup V $6.47
with crisp tortilla, sour cream & cotija cheese
Grilled Chicken Southwest Caesar VO $9.81
crisp romaine, spicy cornbread croutons & cotija cheese.
Fajita Steak Salad VO $12.67
baby greens & romaine lettuce, peppers, onions, cheese, tortilla crisps & mexican vinaigrette
Chopped Crispy Chicken Salad VO $11.74
baby greens & romaine lettuce, cheese, corn, black beans, pico de gallo, avocado & creamy ranch dressing
Tropical Shrimp Salad GF VO $13.84
baby greens & romaine lettuce, pineapple salsa, cotija cheese & cilantro dressing
Grilled Chicken Taco Salad VO $10.88
baby greens & romaine lettuce , pico de gallo, 3 cheese blend, cilantro dressing in a crispy taco shell.

3 warm corn tortillas stuffed with cheese along with
filling & sauce of your choice. topped with cotija
cheese, & sour cream with a side of rice & black beans.

Cheese $12.64
Murray Farms Chicken $13.86
Braised Beef Brisket $14.94
Bronzed Baby Shrimp $15.87
Authentic Chorizo Sausage $13.96
Hatfield Pork Carnitas $13.82
Mixed Vegetable $14.64

Sauces: mild red, med ium green, mole, spicy arbol

Enchilada Combo $15.38
one of each of the following enchiladas:
chicken, beef & cheese with choice of sauce. Comes with seasoned rice & black beans
Vegetarian Enchilada Combo V $14.38
one of each of the following enchiladas:
cheese, mixed vegetable, & black bean. with choice of sauce. Comes with seasoned rice & black beans.

Sorry, no substitutions on combinations.

Pollo Mole GF $17.73
half chicken smothered in authentic mexican mole sauce, sprinked with toasted pumpkin seeds over rice & mexican street cor n.
El Gringo Burger $9.97
two 4 oz fresh ground sirloin patties, lettuce, tomato, & cheese, comes with fries.
Churrasco Steak GF $18.96
grilled 12 oz sir loin, peppers, onions, corn on the cob, rice, & chimichurri sauce.
Grilled or Blackened Salmon GF $19.96
with spanish rice & pineapple salsa.
Arroz Con Pollo GF $17.47
chicken on the bone, olives, peas, & yellow rice.
Bistec y Camarones a la Mexicana $19.98
marinated sliced steak & baby shrimp over tomatoes, onion, & jalapeno. topped with melted cheese, rice & beans served with flour torillas.
Chicken Flautas $14.68
pulled chicken rolled in a crispy corn tortilla smothered in mexican mole sauce, served with rice & beans
Rosie’s Chicken GF $16.38
grilled chicken breast over grilled vegetables, house rice, & pico de gallo.
Chile Relleno $16.76
baby shrimp with chipolte mojo & a touch of butter, spanish rice and street corn
Chilaquiles Verde $16.88
corn tortillas in salsa verde topped with marinated steak, drizzled with sour cream & queso fresco.
Hot Tamales GF V $14.38
corn masa steamed with green chilis & authentic mexican cheeses. topped with salsa ver de, sour cream, & served with rice & beans.

Add any meat or veggie taco +$4 or seafood taco +$5

Sour Cream $.87• Guacamole $1.98 • Queso Dip $3.37 • Corn Bread $1.37 • House Rice $2.42 • Spanish Rice $3.42 • Black Beans $1.96 • Chipotle Slaw $2.16 • Mexican Street Corn $3.20 • Shoe String Fries $4.37

Mixed Vegetables $3.42
(Peppers, Onions, Zucchini,
Portobello Mushrooms & Corn).
Side Caesar Salad $3.42
Side House Salad $3.42

Chips & Salsa
8 oz $4.20 | pint (16 oz) $7.50
quart (32 oz) $14

Chips & Guacamole
pint $17.00 | quart $33.00

Gluten Free Upon Request.
add an add itional taco of the same kind +$3
different veggie or meat +$4
extra fish taco +$5

Black Bean $9.96
Braised Beef Br isket $11.94
Murray Farms Chicken $10.96
Hatfield Pork Carnitas $10.93
Authentic Mexican Chorizo $10.93
Marinated Steak $13.91
2 crisp corn tortillas filled with lettuce, pico de gallo & cheese
Rosie's favorite is the ground chorizo sausage
‘Gringo’ Tacos  
2 soft flour tortillas with lettuce, pico de gallo & cheese
Rosie recommends the 4 hour braised beef brisket
Mexican Street Tacos  
2 soft flour tortillas with red onions, cilantro, lime & a side of salsa verde.
Rosie's fave is the slow roasted murray farms chicken.
Tacos al Pastor  
stuffed into 2 soft flour tortillas with charred pineapple salsa.
Rosie recommends the roasted hatfield pork carnitas.
Baja Fish Tacos $13.54
2 soft flour tortillas w ith chipotle aioli & a crunchy cabbage slaw.
Choose your filling:
grilled mahi mahi • bronzed shrimp • corona battered cod
California Fish Tacos $14.64
2 soft flour tortillas w ith chipotle aioli & a crunchy cabbage slaw. pico de gallo
Choose your filling:
grilled mahi mahi • bronzed shrimp • corona battered cod

Air, Land, & Sea Taco Platter $14.96
a chicken mexican street taco, bee f gringo taco & baja shrimp taco with rice & beans
Taco Grande Platter $26.92
one of each of the following tacos: pork al pastor, chicken street, beef gringo, chorizo americano, baja shrimp, baja grilled fish, & baja crispy fish with rice & beans.
Surf & Turf Taco Platter $18.48
2 grilled steak street tacos & 2 baja shrimp tacos with rice & beans.

El Nino Burger $6.51
served with fries & cheese.
Cheese Quesadilla $6.51
served w ith fries.
Chicken Quesadilla $6.51
served with fries.
Chicken Fingers $6.51
served with fries.
Taco $6.51
choice of a single chicken or beef taco, side of fries

Choice of filling stuffed into a large flour tortilla with rice, cheese, black beans, & a side of pico de gallo & sour cream. topped with salsa & cheese.
add guacamole + $1.98

Vegetarian $10.74
Braised Beef Brisket $12.98
Murray Farms Chicken $11.98
Hatfield Pulled Pork $11.87
Authentic Chorizo Sausage $12.74
Bronzed Baby Shrimp $14.82
Vegetarian Black Bean $9.86
Buffalo Sold ier Bur r ito $13.91
crispy fried chicken, buffalo sauce, lettuce, pico de gallo, blue cheese dressing, rice & a side of black beans
Hawaiian Pork Burrito $14.98
pork carnitas, grilled pineapple, black b eams, seasoned rice, lettuce, cheese & sour cream.
El Gaucho Burro $16.96
grilled churasco steak, chimichurri sauce, spanish rice, olives, peas, pico de gallo & cheese.
The California Bur r ito $16.98
grilled steak, guacamole, french fries, cheese, & beans rolled i n a flour tortilla. served ‘wet’ with tomato salsa, more cheese & a side of rice.
Chimichanga $14.96
the ultimate fried burrito! filled with pulled chicken, cheese, & rice topped with sour cream. served with a side of black beans & pico de gallo.
Roadhouse Fried Cheesesteak $13.94
pulled brisket, loads of cheese, peppers, & onions wrapped in a crispy tortilla with a side of fries.
Chorizo Gordito $15.99
mexican chor izo sausage, onions, cheese, rice, & crispy tortilla stuffed inside a flour tortilla, topped with fresh corn, black beans & chipotle-lime aioli.
Buffalo Veggie Burrito V $11.85
buffalo cauliflower, lettuce, pico de gallo, blue cheese, rice & a side of black beans
Kitchen Sink Burrito $29.36
5 lbs of chicken, beef, pork, beans, rice, cheese, sour cream & guacamole.

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The Choco Taco Ice Cream $3.71
crispy fried chicken, buffalo sauce, lettuce, pico de gallo, blue cheese dressing, rice & a side of black beans
Flan $6.87
with caramel.
Churros $7.71
filled with caramel, aztec hot cocoa dip on the side.
Fr ied Ice Cream $5.92
with cinnamon & local honey.
Apple Empanadas $5.92
with cinnamon sugar & vanilla ice cream.
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Skillet Cake $7.92
with vanilla ice cream.