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Chef Fredy's Table
Chef Fredy's Table

Coffee & Dessert

Coffee Selection
All Coffee Selections are available decafeinated

100 % Fresh Roast Colombian Coffee $3.50
Regular & Decaffeinated
Espresso   $3.50

Tropical fruit chutney, raspberry Ale vinaigrette ~ Golden raisin crostini

Cappuccino $6.50

Double shot of espresso layered with steamed whole milk, foam with cinnamon

Café Latte’ $6.00

Yellow fin tuna and avocado cubes, spiked with a light sesame & hoisin sauce, hot chili pepper reduction ~ Crispy wontons

Vanilla Latte’ $6.00

Double espresso with steamed milk and vanilla sauce

Hazelnut Latte’ $6.00

Double espresso with steamed milk and hazelnut

Caramel Latte’ $6.00

Double espresso with steamed milk and caramel

Espresso Macchiato $6.00

Espresso marked with foam

Mocha Latte $6.00

Double espresso with steamed milk and mocha

Desserts $9

Double Chocolate Stout Brownie  
Served warm topped with vanilla gelato
Cappuccino Crème Brulee  

Topped with Irish cream gelato

Home Made Style Cheesecake  

Covered with chocolate ganache, served over a vanilla galette ~ a splash of vanilla sauces

Fredy’s Key lime Pie  

Served in a flaky pastry crust topped with a homemade meringue

White Chocolate Raspberry Cake  

White & dark chocolate mousse~ fresh raspberries~ Chocolate Ganache

Peanut Butter Silk  

Smooth layers of peanut butter cream & French chocolatesilk on a chocolate cookie crust

Tropical fruit Bread Pudding  

Pineapple, banana & coconut ~Dulce de leche gelato

Creamy Chocolate Mousse  

Served with fresh whipped cream and accented with fresh berries

Seasonal Gelatos  

Dulce de Leche, French Vanilla, Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & Triple Espresso

Sorbet Selection  


Items and pricing subject to change without notice.