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at the County Seat

Attention local schools, churches, volunteer rescue squads, and nonprofit agencies.

Let the County Seat host a "Benefit Night" for your nonprofit organization.

Our "Seat Week" Special:
Schedule an entire "Dine to Donate" week. That means more opportunity for your organization to get people out. But call now as this offer will end.

Some Holidays Excluded

**Weeks must start on Monday and end on Saturday**

Click on our calendar to see the scheduled dates.

Your responsibility: Simply get the word out! Advertise your benefit night! Emails, flyers, Facebook, and Twitter are FREE. The more people you send in, the more money you will make! Sometimes nonprofit organizations can advertise free in local papers and on local radio stations. (Flyers will not be allowed in the County Seat on the day of the event.) We will post your date or dates on our web site.

The people you send in to the County Seat to dine with us just need to let us know they are here for the benefit night benefiting  --------------  organization. After dining they can then place their guest check into the box for your organization.

What does the County Seat get out of this? We hope to gain new patrons who may not have tried our restaurant yet. We also like to help our local community.

The County Seat will calculate 10% of the subtotal of all the checks paid by guests who came in on behalf of your organization. A check will be ready to be mailed or picked up about 7 days after the benefit night. A member of your organization is welcome to come and calculate the earnings with us. We will also provide you with a signed agreement stating our commitment to our donation to your organization.

Please contact Jennifer Konya for more information or to schedule your date. 973-383-0235 after 4pm. Or email at

We will schedule your date and provide you with a contract.

In the near future, benefit nights will not be available some holidays. Most Fridays and Saturdays will be excluded.

Date may be rescheduled in the event of the unavoidable such as extreme weather, power outage, or equipment failure.

To schedule your event or for more information, please call Jennifer or Tracey at 973-383-0235 after 4pm. Or email Jennifer at

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.