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Villaggio Iccara

Caruso's Package

Caruso's Package

We invite you to deisng your own menu. Please choose two appetizers, one pasta, one chicken, one fish, and one meat. Caruso package includes family-style spring mix salad, soda, coffee, and bread.


Calamari Fritti

Fried Artichokes

Seafood Bruschetta

Asparagus Rollatini

Baked Scallops

Portobello Melanzane


Coconut Shrimp

Pasta Choices





Entree Course

Chicken Saltimbocca
Sauteed chicken in a marsala sage sauce topped with spinach, prosciutto, and melted mozzarella

Chicken Lampedusa
Sauteed chicen topped with crabmeat, sausage, scallions, and capers in a dijon chardonnay cream sauce

Chicken Sorrentino
Sauteed chicken breast layered with prosciutto, eggplant, and mozzarella cheese in a fresh pomodoro sauce

Salmon Portofino

Grilled salmon in a lemon-basil cream sauce

Flounder alla Phyllis
Broiled flounder stuffed with crabmeat, asparagus, and fontina in a white wine sauce

Cajun Tilapia
Cajun tilapia topped with tomatoes and artichokes in a salmoriglia sauce

Veal Marenga
Veal scaloppine topped with shrimp, shallots, portobello, and peppercorn in a chardonnay dijon cream sauce

Pork Chop
12 oz. grilled pork stuffed with prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, fontina, and leeks in a cherry tomato dressing

Veal Monterosa
Veal scallopini topped with crabmeat, spinach, shiitake mushrooms, and tomatoes in a pink sauce


Primavera Salad
$1.50 per person

Mini Cannolis
$1.50 per person

$2.00 per person

Panna / Pellegrino

$1.50 per person

Assortment of Pastries
$2.50 per person

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.