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Blue Claw Seafood & Crab Eatery

Crab Menu

Blue Claw Crabs
Prices vary & range from $3.00 and up.
Please take a walk to our showcase to see the different sizes or ask your server for help on picking your ideal size.
Price includes cleaning and dipping (garlic, old bay, hot & spicy)
We price our crabs by weight & size according to what we pay that day, to insure our customer a fair value
Mexican Crabs when available are usually heavier & sweeter then their domestic cousins

~Entrees are served with a choice of two sides~
entree sides: *n.e. clam chowder,* garden salad, caesar salad, cole slaw, macaroni salad, garlic mashed potatoes, mashed yams, french fries, onion rings, pork & beans, fried mushrooms, steamed broccoli, cranberry apple sauce or mac & cheese
*or change n.e. chowder to maryland crab or seafood bisque for 2.50 extra*

Crab and crab legs can be served - steamed, with our famous garlic sauce, old bay / lip burning hot, or any combination
Alaskan Crab
Snow Crab  
1.5lb 35.95
2lb 48.95
3lb 67.95 
1.5lb 35.95
2lb 46.95
3lb 67.95 
King Crab Legs  
1.5lb 61.95
2lb 76.95
King Arm & Claw  
1.5lb 49.95
2lb 64.95
3lb 89.95 
Snow & Shrimp  
1.5lb 35.95
2lb n/a
3lb 67.95
Dungeness & Shrimp  
1.5lb 35.95 
3lb 67.95
By the Pound
Snow  Market
Dungeness Market
King    Market
King Arm & Claw Market
Crawfish 6.95
Louisanna Style Crawfish 25.00

3 lbs. of mudbugs served with your choice of 2 sides
1 pound Snow & Fries 23.95
1 pound of Dungeness & Fries 23.95
Shellfish Combo's
Crab Feast for one 49.95
blue claws, 1/2 lb each - dungeness, king & snow, corn on the cob & 1 side
Crab Feast for two 95.50
blue claws, pound each - dungeness, king & snow, 2 corn on the cobs & 2 side choice
Clam Bake for two 68.95
blue claws, pound & half snow, clams & 2 corn on the cobs
Norman's Feast for Two 95.00
2 lb. each - snow & dungeness, 2 corn on the cobs & 2 side choices
All Leg Feast for two 98.50
pound & half each snow & dungeness, 2 corn on the cobs & 2 sides
All Shell Feast for two 98.50
pound each snow & dungeness, 3 quarter pound king, blues, mussels & clams, 2 corn on the cobs & 2 side choices
Add quarter pound shrimp to any shellfish combo for 5.95

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.