Restaurant Passion
Sergeantsville Inn
Sergeantsville Inn

Martini's & Specialty Drinks

Summer Drinks

Blood Orange Old Fashioned
Solerno blood orange liquor and
4 roses bourbon muddled with a
dirty cherry and orange

red or white 8.

French 75
Sparkling wine, splash of
Greenall’s gin, fresh lemon juice

Skunktown Island Volcano
Skunktown spicy vodka,
coconut water and an olive

Green Tea Martini
Jamesons Irish whiskey, sprite,
peach schnapps and sour mix

Fizzy Naval
Champagne, orange juice and peach schnapps 9.

Aperol Spritz
with prosecco 11.

Martini's & Specialty Drinks

Absolut Mess
absolut pear, absolut citron, absolut mandarin
with cranberry and a splash of lime 12.

Apple Pie Martini
berenzten's appel, van gogh apple vodka,
liquor 43 and stoli vanilla 14.

Berry Nice
stoli raspberry, chambord, splash of cranberry juice 12.

Bloody Mary Martini
skunktown distillery spicy vodla and
our homemade bloody mary mix 12.

007, Bond…James Bond
grey goose and a twist of lemon…. (shaken not stirred) 14.

Cabo Cafe
patron café, van gogh espresso vodka, espresso 14.

Chocolate Martini
van gogh chocolate vodka, godiva liquor
and chocolate syrup 14.

stoli orange, stoli vanilla, liquor 43
and a splash of orange juice 14.

Dirty Joe's Martini
bombay gin, olive brine and three olives 12.

French Martini
van gogh pineapple vodka, chambord and pineapple juice 12.

Key Lime Martini
liquor 43, stoli vanilla, berenzten's apfel,
lime juice and a splash of cream 14.

Lady Godiva
van gogh double espresso vodka, godiva liquor,
kahlua and espresso 14.

Lemon Zest
ketel one citron and lemoncello with a sugared rim 14.

Mad Madras
stoli raspberry and stoli orange vodka with
cranberry and orange juices 11.

Mexican Martini
tequila, triple sec, lime and orange juice 11.

Nuts and Berries
nocello, frangelico, dark crème de cassis
and a splash of chambord 14.

Old Blue Eyes
bombay sapphire, dry vermouth and blue curacao 12.

Pomegranate Martini
pama, stoli vanilla, licor 43 and cranberry 14.

SI Classic Martini
bombay gin and lillet 12.

Sour Apple Martini
van gogh wild appel vodka, apple pucker and lime juice 12.

Tirimasu Martini
stoli vanilla, bailey's, amaretto
and godiva white chocolate 14.

Vesper Martini
Tito's vodka, Blue Coat gin and a splash of lillet 14.

Gentleman's Gin
tanqueray gin, elderflower liquor, club soda 11.

Light and Stormy
coconut rum, ginger beer, lime and
a splash of pineapple 11.

Moscow Mule
sobieski vodka, ginger beer and lime
served in a copper mug 12.

Secret Lady
greenall's gin, elderflower liqueur, bitters
shaken and served in a snifter 10.

S.I. Manhattan
basil hayden bourbon, antica carpano sweet vermouth,
bitters and a cherry 14.

S.I. Old Fashioned
jefferson's bourbon, muddled orange and cherry,
bitters, sugar and splash of club soda 14.

SIN and Tonic
bombay saphire, specialty tonic and lime 12.

Skunktown Dark and Stormy
skunktown distillery oaked rum and ginger beer 12.

Skunktown Island Volcano
skunktown distillery spicy vodka,
coconut water and an olive 12.

Spiked Palmer
absolut citron, lemoncello, iced tea and lemon juice 12.

The George
VO gold and club soda 11.

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.