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Sushi (4 pcs.) $9.00

Assorted Sashimi (7 pcs) $10.00

Tuna Sashimi (5 pcs) $10.00

Salmon Sashimi (5pc) $10.00

Sunomono $9.00

Seaweed Salad $6.00

Hijiki $7.00

Oshinko $6.00

Oshitashi (Spinach) $5.00


Edamame $5.00
(Young soy beans)

Shrimp Shumai $6.00
(Steamed or Fried)

Gyoza $7.00
(Steamed or Fried)

Vegetable Gyoza $7.00
Steamed or fried

Negimayaki $11.00

Chicken Teriyaki App. $8.00

Egg Roll $7.00

Shrimp Tempura $9.00

Mixed Tempura $8.00

Vegetable Tempura $7.00

Agedashi Tofu $6.00

Sushi and Sashimi

Sushi Special $40.00 & up
Chef's specials of the day

Sashimi Special $48.00 & up
Chef's specials of the day

Sushi & Sashimi Combination $28.00
Assorted sushi and sashimi

Sushi Heaven $38.00
Assorted sushi and sashimi, Manhattan roll, California roll, and tuna hand rolls

Chirashi Special $42.00 & up
Chef's special of the day

Served with soup

Sushi A $16.00
Assorted Sushi (7 pcs of Sushi and Cal. Roll)

Sushi B $20.00
Assorted Sushi (9pcs of sushi and Tuna Roll)

Sashimi A $20.00
13 pcs Assorted Fresh Sliced Raw Fish

Sashimi B $25.00
16 pcs Assorted Fresh Sliced Raw Fish

Tuna Sushi $22.00
8 pcs of tuna

Tuna and Yellowtail Sushi $22.00
4 pieces each of tuna and yellowtail

California Maki $12.00
Three California rolls

Roll Combination $13.00
Tuna, salmon, and California rolls

Hand Roll Combination $15.00
Tuna, yellowtail, eel, and California hand rolls

Chirashi Regular $21.00
Bite-sized fillets of seafood on bed of vinegar rice

Tekka Don $26.00
Bite-Sized filets of Tuna on a bed of sushi rice

Futomaki $14.00
Large colorful roll with egg, fish egg, crab stick, and variety of vegetables

Roll Special

Dragon Roll $13.00
Eel and Cucumber inside, Avocado outside

Special Soft Shell Crab Roll $14.00
Fried soft shell crab roll with crab on top and spicy sauce

Sprecial Salmon Roll $15.00
Spicy Salmon, Avocado & Jalapeno inside, Fresh Salmon outside

Laurie Roll $13.00
California Roll inside out, topped with grilled scallop, masago, Japanese Chill Pepper and Maybo

Wyckoff Roll $17.00
Spicy Tuna & Avocado inside; Eel & Masago outside

Peter Roll $18.00
Spicy Scallop, Tempura Chips & cucumber inside; Yellow tail & tuna outside; Tobioko on Top

Dynamite Toro Roll $15.00
Spicy fatty tuna with Tempura Chips

Special Dragon $16.00
Shrimp Tempura & Cucumber inside; Eel & Avocado outside

Caribbean Roll $15.00
Eel & Cucumber inside; Mango & Tuna outside

Lobster Tempura Roll $23.00
Lobster Tempura, Masago and Lettuce with Soybean Paper

Hot Okinawa Roll $11.00
Spicy Tuna with Avocado; Topped with Tempura Chips

George Roll $15.00
Spicy Fresh Salmon inside; Spicy Tuna outside; Tempura chips on top

Rainbow Roll $15.00
California Roll inside; Tuna, Yellow Tail, Salmon, White Fish & Shrimp outside

Giant's Roll $16.00
Spicy Tuna inside; Fresh Salmon & Yellow Tail outside Tobiko on Top

Gator Roll $14.00
Spicy Fresh Salmon and Avocado inside; Crispy Salmon Skin outside Tobiko on top

Garden Roll $15.00
Spicy Fresh Salmon, Cucumber inside; Tuna, Avocado outside; Tempura Chip & Spicy Sauce on Top

Glen Rock Roll $14.00
Shrimp Tempura, Fresh Salmon & Cucumber inside; Spicy Sauce and Tempura Chips on top


Ton Katsu $17.00
Deep Fried Breaded Pork Cutlet

Chicken Teriyaki $17.00
Broiled chicken with Teriyaki Sauce

Beef Teriyaki $22.00
Broiled Beef with Teriyaki Sauce

Salmon Teriyaki $22.00
Broiled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce

Chilean Seabass with Teriyaki Sauce $33.00
Broiled Chilean Seabass with Teriyaki Sauce or yuanyaki

Negimayaki $23.00
Rolled Sliced Beef with Scallion with Teriyaki Sauce

Beef Sukiyaki $22.00
Sliced Beef, vegetables and tofu with Special Broth

(Served with Soup or Salad and Rice)

Shrimp Tempura $19.00
Lightly Fried Shrimp

Mixed Tempura $18.00
Lightly Fried Shrimp and Vegetables

Vegetable Tempura $15.00
Lightly Fried Vegetables

Chicken Katsu $17.00
Deep Fried Breaded Chicken Cutlet

Shrimp $18.00
Broiled Shrimp ith Teriyaki sauce or garlic sauce


Served with soup or salad

Katsu Don $14.00
Pork cutlet with onion, scallions, and egg over rice

Oyako Don $13.00
Chicken with onion, scallions, and egg over rice

Una Ju $26.00
Broiled eel over rice with eel sauce


Tempura Udon or Soba $13.00
Shrimp tempura

Spicy Seafood Udon $16.00
Assorted seafood

Served with salad

Hot (Noodle Soup):

Nabeyaki Udon $17.00
Chicken, vegetables, egg, and shrimp tempura


Zaru Soba or Udon $9.00
noodles with sauce

Ten Zaru Soba or Udon $13.00
noodles with shrimp tempura

Soba: Buckwheat

Sakurabana Special Box

Served with Soup, Salad, Rice, and Ice Cream

Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, and Teriyaki $37.00
(Beef, Chicken, or Salmon)

Children's Dinner

Under 6 years old
Served with Soup, Salad, and Rice

Choose ONE dish from the selections below


2 Rolls from: Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, California Roll, Cucumber Roll

Shrimp Tempura


Chicken Katsu

Beef Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki

Salmon Teriyaki

Side Orders

Bowl of Steamed Rice $2.00

Bowl of Sushi Rice $3.00

Bowl of Brown Rice $3.00


Soft Drinks $2.50

Iced Tea $2.50

Milk $2.00

Perrier $3.00

Juices $3.00
Orange, Apple, Pineapple

Pellegrino $6.00

Decaffeinated Tea $1.50

Special Tea $1.50
(ten chi cha)

Ramune $3.00

Consuming any type of raw food may involve some risks to your health.

Party 6 or more we charge 18% gratitude.
Minimum order $8 per person.

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.