Restaurant Passion

Bar Menu


Roasted Olives $5.00
mediterranean olives roasted with ancho chili paste, harissa and orange zest

Pickled Vegetables $8.00
plate of varying pickled veggies

PEI Mussels $13.00
heaping bowl of mussels steamed with la fin du monde, bleu cheese and leeks served with baguette

Charcuterie Slab
pork pate * smoked duck * pometto prosciutto * aged salami * thick cut maple bacon * thyme port chicken liver mousse

pecorino con pepe * taleggio * pink peppercorn goat cheese * pt reyes bleu cheese * manchego * smoked mozzarella

Choose 2 itmes from each group $13
Choose 3 items from each group $16
Chose 4 items from each group $19

The Burger $15.00
9 oz. ground prime chuck, short rib and brisket with white cheddar horseradish cheese, frizzled onions, arugula, jersey tomato and secret sauce on a brioche bun served with vinegar-truffle fries sprinkled with sriracha salt

Seafood Pot Pie $15.00
creamy monkfish, bay scallops, shrimp, potatoes, herbs and tomatoes served in a puff pastry crust

Crab Quiche and Arugula Salad $16.00
blue crab, english cheddar and watercress quiche served with arugula salad with citrus vinaigrette

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.