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Manhattan Lounge at The Regency House
Manhattan Lounge at The Regency House


Manhattan Bar Cocktails

Big Apple Martini $7.00
Absolut Vodka - Sour Apple Schnapps - Apple Juice

Broadway Top Banana $8.00
Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka - Banana Liquer - Pineapple Juice

Rainbow Room Cosmopolitan $7.00
Absolut Vodka - Triple Sec - Cranberry Juice - Lime Juice
(Madonna and her entourage went to the Plaza Hotel's world famous Rainbow Room where the bartender, Dal Degroff, served them his new creation. Everyone wanted to know "What was the pink drink Madonna and her friends were enjoying "The Cosmo" was born, Now, there is not a bar in NYC that doesn't serve it nightly)

Wall Street Decadence $8.00
Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka - White & Dark Chocolate Liquers by Godiva - Bailey's Irish Cream - Kahlua
(Creamy and Chocolaty - decadently rich)

Soho Side Car $7.00
Absolute Vodka - Triple Sec - Lemon -Pineapple Juices

Rockefeller Raspberry Cocktail $8.00
Stolichnaya Raspberry Vodka - Chambord - Cranberry Juice - Hint of lemon

Empire State Casnova $7.00
Absolut Mandrin - Tiple Sec - Orange Juice
(Orange! Orange! Orange!)

West Village Warmer $6.00
Lairds apple Jack mixed wtih warm Apple Cider served in a mug rimmed with cinnamon sugar
(Come in from the winter's cold and warm yourself - Impossible to have just one.)

Lexington Ave. Lemon Drop Martini $7.00
Absolute Citron Vodka - Triple Sec - Lemon sour Mix

Times Square Pleasure $7.00
Caposaldo Prosecco - Raspberry - Peach Liquers
(a new twist on the Kir Royal.)

Fifth Ave. Chocorange $7.00
Absolut Mandarin Vodka - Creme De Cacao

Housewives of NYC Skinny Margarita $9.00
Patron Tequila - Patron Citronge - Lime Juice - OJ

West of Manhattan $7.00
Crown Royal - Sweet Vermouth - served in a chilled cocktail glass


Items and pricing subject to change without notice.