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All You Can Eat Menu


Served w / Soup & Salad



Age Tofu

Calamari Tempura

Chicken Tempura

Chicken Teriyaki


Harumaki (Spring Roll)

Salmon Teriyaki

Vegetable Gyoza

Vegetable Tempura



(Sashimi is not served with A.Y.C.E.)

Baby tuna (Bonito)

Crab Meat (IKani)

Custard Egg (Tamago)

Eel (Unagi)

Flying Fish Roe (Masaga)

Mackerel (Saba)

Octopus (Tako)

Red Clam (Hokkigai)

Red Snapper (Tai)

Salmon (Sake)

Shrimp (Ebi)

Spanish Mackerel (Sawara)

Striped Bass (Suzuki)

Tofu Skin (Inari)

Tuna (Maguro)

White Tuna

Alaska Roll
(6pcs) salmon & avocado

*Amazon Roll
(6 pcs) Asparagus, cucumber, seaweed salad topped w / hint of spicy Japanese mayo

*American Dream Roll
(8 pcs) cooked salmon, spicy crab, cucumber topped w / tempura flaks and sweet & spicy sauce

*Angel Roll
(6 pcs) shrimp, spicy crunch salmon & mango

*Aqua Roll
(6 pcs) shirmp, spicy crunch salmon & mango

Asparagus roll
(6 pcs)

Avocado Roll
(6 pcs)

Bliss Roll
(6pcs) shrimp, crab, mango & cucumber

Boston Roll
(6 pcs) mixed greens w/ cucumber & Japanese mayo w / crab or shrimp

*Bull's Eye Roll
(6 pcs) shrimp tempura & spicy tuna w / hint of chilly sauce

California Roll
(6 pcs) crab, avocado & cucumber

Chicken Tempura Roll
(6 pcs) chicken tempura, avocado, cucumber & masago

Combination Maki
(6 pcs) salmon, tuna, crab, white fish, cucumber & avocado

Cucumber Roll
(6 pcs)

Cucumber Avocado Roll
(6 pcs)

Eel Avocado Roll
(6 pcs)

Eel Cucumber roll
(6 pcs)

Eel Sweet Potato roll
(6 pcs)

(6 pcs) crab, tomago & assorted vegetables

Haru Roll
(6 pcs) calamari tempura & avocado

Inari Roll
(6 pcs) tofu skin

Kampyo Roll
(6 pcs) pickled squash

Kani Roll
(6 pcs) imitation crab

*Liberty Roll
(6 pcs) spicy crunchy shrimp, salmon skin, cucumber topped w / sweet & spicy sauce

Mango & Cucumber
(6 pcs)

*Mountain roll
(8 pcs) avocado, cucumber & tempura flakes topped w / tuna & spicy sauce

New Alaska Roll
(6 pcs) salmon, cucumber & lemon

*Oceanic Roll
(6 pcs) seaweed salad, cucumber, spicy crab & carrots

*Omega Roll
(6 pcs) spicy crunch salmon topped w / salmon

Orange Madness Roll
(6 pcs) salmon, shrimp crab, carrots & masago

Osinko Roll (pickled radish)
(6 pcs) pickled relish

Saba Scallion Roll
(6 pcs)

Salmon Roll
(6 pcs)

Salmon & Asparagus Roll
(6 pcs)

Salmon Skin Roll
(6 pcs) salmon skin & cucumber

Sample Roll
(6 psc)salmon, apple & ginger

Shrimp Cucumber Roll
(6 pcs) shrimp, cucumber & Japanese mayo

Shrimp Tempura Roll
(6 pcs) shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber & masago

*Spicy California Roll
(6 pcs) crab, cucumber,avocado and spicy sauce

*Spicy Combination Maki
(6 pcs) spicy crab & white fish

*Spicy Salmon Roll
(6 pcs)

*Spicy Shrimp Roll
(6 pcs) spicy shrimp & tempura flakes

*Spicy Tuna Roll
(6 pcs)

*Spicy White Tuna Roll
(6 pcs) spicy white tune & tempura flakes

Spider Roll
(6 pcs) soft-shell crab, avocado, cucumber & masago

Sweet Potato Roll
(6 pcs)

Sweet Potato Asparagus Roll
(6 pcs)

**TNT Roll
(6pcs) spicy crunchy white tune & spicy shrimp topped w/ hot chill sauce

Tuna Roll
(6 pcs)

Vegetable Roll
(6 pcs) avocado, cucumber, mixed greens, carrots, osinko & kampyo

*Volcano Roll
(6 pcs) avocado, cucumber & tempura flakes topped w / spicy crab

White Tuna Roll
(6 pcs)

Yellowtail Scallion Roll

Yokohama Roll

* = Spicy

. Please no Leftover Food, Including Rice
. Please No Sharing
. We Reserve the Right to Charge Extra for All Leftover Food
. We Reserve the Right to charge 15% Gratuity for Parties of 5 or More People
. We Reserve the Right to Limit Sitting time to a Maximum of 2 hours

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.