Restaurant Passion

Sample Buffet Menu


Carving Station

Sliced Filet Mignon

Prime Rib

Cold Display

Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato

Slices of Buffalo mozzarella and Jersey tomato garnish with Fresh basil and balsamic vinaigrette

Shrimp Cocktail
Fresh Jumbo shrimp steamed with herbs and served with homemade cocktail sauce

Grilled Vegetables
An Assortment of vegetables marinated and grilled in our aged balsamic vinaigrette


Hibiscus Salad

Mixed field greens, pineapple, almonds, mandarin oranges, coconut flakes, Orange pineapple vinaigrette

Greek Salad
Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, feta cheese, Green pepper and red onion, light vinaigrette


Stuffed Lobster Tails

4 oz. Caribbean Lobster tails topped with crabmeat stuffing

Broiled Sallmon
Atlantic salmon seasoned then broiled with drawn lemon butter and white wine

French Cut Curried Chicken
French cut breast of chicken braised in a mild curry sauce

Jamaican Curried Goat
Fresh goat meat seasoned with fresh herbs & spices then stewed in a spicy curry sauce

Brown Stewed Chicken Breast
Boneless cuts of chicken, seasoned with fresh herbs, pan fried and simmered in a tomato based sauce


Yukon Gold Mashed Potato

Jamaican Rice & Beans

Jasmine rice seasoned with fresh herbs coconut milk and red beans

Rice Pilaf

Sauteed Vegetables

Viennese Tale

An assortment of dessert including Jamaican rum flavored Bread Pudding, Creme Brule, cheese Cake and Chocolate Mousse

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.