Restaurant Passion
Poitin Still
Poitin Still



French Onion Soup $3.50
Topped with melted mozzarella cheese

Shrimp Cocktail $7.95
Fresh shrimp served with cocktail sauce and lemon wedge

Stuffed Mushrooms $6.95
Large mushroom caps stuffed with crab meat

Fried Calamari $7.95
Served with hot, medium or sweet sauce

Clams $7.95
Your choice of stuffed with crab meat, oreganato or casino

Zuppa De Clams $8.95
Served with marinara or white wine garlic sauce.

Buffalo Wings $6.95
Served with creamy blue cheese dipping sauce

Mozzarella Sticks $5.95
Breaded, deep fried and served with marinara sauce

Chicken Tenders $5.95
Breaded strips of chicken with honey mustard sauce

Potato Skins $5.95
With cheddar cheese and bacon bits served with sour cream

Tailgater $10.95
Buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, potato skins and chicken tenders.

Tailgater $10.95
Buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, potato skins and chicken tenders.

Mussels $7.95
Served with marinara or white wine garlic sauce

Crock of Chili $4.00
Ground beef with marinara sauce topped with cheddar cheese

Poitin Blarney Fries $7.95
French fries, Philly Steak, Onions, cheddar cheese, Guinness Gravy


Grilled Chicken Spinach Salad $11.95
Grilled chicken breast, mushrooms, red onions and crispy bacon bits served on a bed of spinach with honey mustard dressing

Grilled Chicken & Shrimp Salad $14.95
Plump juicy grilled shrimp and chicken breast sliced and served over garden salad with honey mustard dressing

Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato & Onion Salad $7.95
Sliced fresh mozzarella, tomato and onions served with olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Ceasar Salad $6.95
Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese and ceasar dressing

Blackened Shrimp Salad $14.95
Blackened shrimp, sauteed onions, mushrooms over garden salad with olive oil & balsamic vinegar


All dinners are served with soup or salad, vegetables and your choice of: baked potato, mashed potatoes, french fries or rice.


Fettuccine with Jumbo Shrimp $16.95
Sauteed shrimp in wine cream sauce over fettucini

Bowtie Pasta Primavera $11.95
Sauteed fresh broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, green peas in alfredo or pink sauce
with Chicken $13.95
with Shrimp $16.95

Penne Ala Vodka $10.95
Penne pasta served in vodka cream sauce.
with Chicken $13.95
with Shrimp $16.95

Rigatoni Bolognese $11.95
Rigatoni pasta served with homemade ground beef marinara light cream sauce.

Cheese Ravioli $9.95
Cheese ravioli pasta served in marinara or vodka sauce

Linguini Red or White Clam Sauce $12.95


Chicken Parmagiana $13.95
Boneless chicken breast cutlet with marinara sauce baked with mozzarella cheese served over linguini

Chicken Piccata $13.95
Served in lemon, capers, white wine and butter sauce

Chicken Francaise $13.95
Boneless breast of chicken dipped in egg batter, in lemon, butter and white wine sauce

Chicken Marsala $13.95
Sauteed boneless breast of chicken, mushrooms in marsala wine sauce

Chicken Killarney $15.95
Sauteed boneless breast of chicken with shrimp, artichoke, red peppers in white wine sauce

Chicken Teriyaki $13.95
Sauteed boneless breast of chicken in teriyaki sauce served over vegetables

Steaks & Chops

N.Y. Shell Steak $20.95
Grilled 14 oz. Shell steak served with onion rings and grilled mushroom

Gaelic Steak $22.95
Grilled 14 oz. Shell steak served with sauteed onions and mushrooms in Guinness gravy.

Filet Mignon $23.95
Center cut 14 oz. Filet mignon served with onion rings and grilled mushroom.

14 oz. PorterHouse Pork Chop $17.95
Grilled 14 oz. Porterhouse Pork Chop topped with shoestring onions, Port wine sauce

Surf & Turf $27.95
14 oz. Filet Mignon & 6oz. Lobster Tail


Veal Francaise $15.95
Tender veal dipped in egg batter, sauteed in lemon butter and white wine sauce

Veal Marsala $15.95
Sauteed cutlets of veal, mushrooms in marsala wine sauce

Veal Parmagiana $14.95
Tender breaded cutlets topped with mozzarella cheese in marinara sauce served over linguini

Veal Piccata $15.95
Sauteed cutlets of veal in lemon, capers and white wine sauce

Irish Favorites

Bangers & Mash $11.95
Irish sausage, baked beans and mashed potatoes

Fish & Chips $11.95
Scrod fish dipped in beer batter & french fries

Corned Beef & Cabbage $11.95
Sliced Corned beef served over boiled potatoes and cabbage

Mixed Grill $12.95
Irish bacon, sausage, white and black pudding, lamb chop, Calves liver & grilled tomato

Shepherd's Pie $11.95
Ground beef, mixed vegetable, topped with mashed potatoes & baked until golden brown

Chicken Pot Pie $11.95
Sauteed boneless breast of chicken with vegetables in cream sauce and topped with puff pastry

Fish & Seafood

Shrimp Scampi $17.95
Sauteed shrimp in scampi sauce served over linguini

Broiled Scallops $17.95
Served with lemon butter sauce

Poitin Still Salmon $17.95
Blackened salmon served with dijon mustard caper cream sauce

Broiled or Grilled Salmon $16.95
Served with lemon butter sauce

Broiled Flounder $16.95
Served with capers, chopped tomatoes in white wine sauce


Gaelic Burger $9.95
Irish bacon, mushrooms & onions

Portobello Burger $9.95
Grilled portobello mushroom & mozzarella cheese

Au Poivre Burger $9.95
Crusted pepper burger in brandy sauce

Chili Burger $9.95
Topped with our homemade chili and cheddar cheese

Poitin Still Hamburger $8.95
Toppings $ 1.00 extra: American cheese, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, bacon, fried onions


Melody Of Vegetables $3.75
Sauteed mixed vegetables with oil & garlic

Sauteed Broccoli $4.00

Onion Rings $3.75

Sauteed Asparagus $4.75

French Fries $3.50

Cheese Fries $4.00

Children's Menu

For Children Under 12 years old

Chicken Finger $6.95
With french fries

Cheese Ravioli $6.95

Hamburger or Cheeseburger $6.95

Kid's Combo $7.95
Mozzarella sticks & chicken tenders with fries

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.