Salsiccia Positano $10.95
Grilled Italian fennel and pork sausage served over a bed of escarole and beans, sauteed in extra virgin olive oil with garlic and fresh plum tomatoes

Palinni Di Melenzane $10.95
A Navona exclusive fresh eggplant fritters topped with a warm honey and raisin lemon garlic sauce

Spiedinni Alla NaVona $10.95
Fresh prosciutto and mozzarella pressed in Italian crostinni dipped in egg batter pan fried and topped with a parmesan cream sauce

Vongole Marichiara $10.95
Fresh little neck clams poached in a plum tomato seafood broth accented with fresh basil

Calamari $12.95
Fresh calamari served in your choice of grilled balsamic, traditional fried and tossed in a balsamic glaze or fried and tossed in Carolina's sweet and spicy habanero jelly

Gamberi Alla Monica $14.95
Four jumbo shrimp wrapped with parma prosciutto dipped in a basil pesto, grilled and served over wilted spinach

Capesante Volpi $14.95
Fresh dry sea scallops pan seered and served over a champagne cream sauce and port wine reduction

Carpaccio $14.95
Thinly sliced raw filet mignon accented with a confetti of bermuda onions, capers and hard boiled egg served over arugula tossed in a sweet balsamic reduction and shaved reggiano cheese


NaVona House Salad $2.95
Mixed greens tossed in a balsamic vinagrette dressing

Mescalina $10.95
Mixed fields greens tossed in a little raspberry vinagrette dressing accented with gorgonzola cheese and caramelized walnuts

Cesare $10.95
Traditional ceasar salad tossed in our made to order dressing accented with shaved reggiano cheese and garlic croutons

Arugula $10.95
Diced tomatoes, onions, basil, extra virgin olive oil, and shaved reggiano cheese

Tropicale $12.95
Hearts of palm vine ripened tomato bermuda onions and fresh basil over butter lettuce tossed in extra virgin olive oil and a kiss of lemon


Broccoli Rabe Agli Olio $6.00

Garlic Crostinni $4.50

Italian Fries with Peppers and Onions $6.00

Mascarpone Scallop Potato

Grilled Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto $8.00

Le Pizze

Margherita NaVona $9.95
Fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, roasted garlic & plum tomatoes

Alla Genovese $12.95
Pesto, mushrooms, and mozzarella

Rustica $12.95
Sausage meatballs, peppers, onions, mozzarella, tomato sauce

New Jersey Classic $9.95
Trenton tomato pie, mozzarella topped with plum tomatoes

Felice Capra $12.95
Mushrooms, balsamic onions, goat cheese, tomato sauce


Pollo Con Prosciutto e Piselli $21.95
Diced Chicken Tenderloins, slivered prosciutto, onions and peas sauteed in a vodka cream sauce served over mini rigatoni pasta

Rigatoni Amatriciana $18.95
Plum tomato basil sauce accented with pancetta, onions and a kiss of red pepper

Papardelle Alla Bolognese Napolitano $21.95
Fresh wide ribbon pasta tossed in our delicious slow cooked meat sauce topped with shaved reggiano cheese

Orrechiette con Salsiccia e Rabbe $21.95
Grilled sweet sausage served with broccoli rabbe tossed in our delicious slow cooked meat sauce topped with shaved reggiano cheese

Gnocchi Della Casa $24.95
Fresh homemade potato dumplings served with your choice of marinara, parmigiano cream with bolognese

Gamberi Alla Bolshevik $24.95
Jumbo shrimp sauteed in a vodka cream sauce accented with fresh dill and served over angel hair pasta

Lasagna Romana $22.95
Homemade ground beef, ricotta and spinach lasagna baked in our fresh marinara sauce

Sunday Sauce/Gravy $24.95
My mother's recipe of meatballs, rolled beef (braciola) and fennel sausage, slow cooked in a San Marzano tomato sauce served over your choice of pasta

Risotto con Asparagi e Gamberi $24.95
Arborio rice accented with asparagus tips and jumbo shrimp in a lemon butter scampi sauce

Risotto Torinese $22.95
Arborio rice cooked in gorgonzola cheese cream sauce accented with mushrooms and served over strained marinara sauce and grilled zucchinni strips

Zuppa di Pesce $38.95
A medley of fresh shrimp, scallops, clams, calamari, muscles and lobster tail cooked in your choice of red or white sauce served over pasta or risotto

We offer whole wheat and gluten free pasta


Pollo Spada Verde $19.95
Chicken Tenderloin and parma prosciutto wrapped around asparagus spears dipped in a lite egg batter and sauteed in a lemon sauce

Pollo Briana $24.95
Boneless chicken breast topped with a pignoli and pistachio encrusted brie cheese and accented with a pesto sauce with sundried tomatoes

Vitello Saltimboca $26.95
Medallions of veal topped with parma prosciutto and mozzarella cheese in a sage demiglaze sauce served over sauteed spinach

Lombata Di Maiale $26.95
Thick cut seasoned Kansas cut pork chop grilled and topped with frying peppers onions and garlic in a white wine vinegar and balsamic demiglaze sauce served over Italian fries

Maiale alla NaVona $26.95
Pork tenderloin coated with cracked black peppercorns, pan seared and served in a cognac cream sauce accented with mushrooms

Bistecca Montebianco $28.95
Grilled center cut New York strip steak, topped with caramelized onions, gorgonzol cheese and sweet balsamic reduction

Filet Mignon Sangiovese $38.95
Grilled prime cut 10oz filet mignon served over a sangiovese wine demiglaze sauce

Lombata Di Agniello $35.95
New Zealand lamb chops coated with dijon mustard and dusted with herbed bread crumbs and served over a roasted garlic demiglaze sauce

Salmone Arlecchino $24.95
Grilled north atlantic salmon, served over a leek cream sauce, accented with hearts of palm

Tilapia alla Fiorentina $24.95
Tilapia dipped in a lite egg batter and sauteed in a lemon butter sauce diced plum tomatoes and served over wilted spinach

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.