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Banquet - General Information

    General Information
To secure a date and time for your event a deposit of:

$750.00 for the Grand Sophia Ball Room
$500.00 for the Wine Cellar or Main Dining Room
$300.00 for the Terrace Room or Conference Room
*A signed contract must accompany deposit

Deposit received in credit card, cash, or check
All remaining payments in cash ~ check only!

Room Requirements
The Grand Sophia Ballroom accommodates a maximum of 130 guests
minimum of 70 for evening affairs & minimum of 40 for afternoon affairs
The Terrace Room accommodates 30 -minimum of 20
The Wine Cellar accommodates 40- minimum of 20
The Conference Room accommodates 20 - minimum of 15
The Chef's Room accommodates 12 guests

Private Room

Private room fees apply if room minimums are not met

$200.00 room fee for Terrace Room, Wine Cellar & Conference Room
$300.00 room fee for the Grand Sophia Ballroom
$150.00 Outside Patio Fee

Evening Events - Four Hour Affair
Daytime Events - Three Hour Affair
Additional Hour $250.00/30 minutes $150.00

Labor Fee and NJ sales tax additional.

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.