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Boulevard Seafood Co.

Today's Market Catch

Chef’s Cut Fillets:
Wild Caught Atlantic Salmon $14.95/lb.
Jersey Shore Flounder  $22.50/lb
Northern Tilefish  $21.95/lb.
Black Sea Bass $22.50/lb.
Red Snapper  $23.95
Swordfish $32.5/lb.
Grouper $17.95/lb.
Tuna – Yellowtail $32.95/lb.
    (subject to change)

Peeled Shrimp Uncooked (16/20) $14.95/lb

Peeled Shrimp Uncooked (13/15)  $16.99/lb.

Live Canadian Hard Shell Lobster $26.95/lb.

Dry Sea Scallops (10/20) – New Jersey $32.95lb.

Dry Sea Scallops (U-10) – Maine $28.95/lb.

Fresh Lump Crab Meat $28.00/lb.

Fresh Jumbo Lump Crab $36.00/lb.

Prepared Seafood:
Salmon Cakes $6.95 /each

Fresh Jumbo lump Crab Cakes $12.95 /each

Cold Grilled Seafood Salad $14.99/lb.

Shrimp Cocktail $14.99/lb.

Sauces 8oz.:
Cocktail Sauce $4.00 /container
Tartar Sauce $5.00 /container
Mignonette $3.00 /container
Lemons $1.00 /per piece

Raw Bar:
Little Neck $2.75 - ½ dozen
Little Neck $5.25 – 1 dozen

Top Neck – per piece $1.00

Shucked Clams while you wait – add $0.25 per piece

Sweet Petite -
Katama Bay, MA  $2.80/each
Irish Point - 
PEI, Canada $2.85/each

Raspberry Point –
PEI, Canada $2.85/each
Pickle Point –
PEI, Canada $2.85/each

Long Island, NY $2.70/each
Virginia Blue Point -
Chesapeake Bay, VA  $2.85/each

Shucked Oysters while you wait - add $0.30 per piece


Items and pricing subject to change without notice.